PNA Board of Directors to Vote on Amendments to Bylaws

By steph-yeo

Pursuant to Sections 8.1 and 8.2 of the current bylaws, the PNA Board of Directors is providing notice that it intends to vote on potential amendments to the current bylaws at its board meeting on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. The amendments being considered are:

• Update references to the Washington Non-Profit Corporation Act (previously RCW 24.03) to new codification at RCW 24.03A;

• Adopt gender neutral pronouns (“their” in place of “his/her”);

• Correct typos and internal inconsistencies throughout document;

• Addition of language clarifying that the Board may adopt policies and procedures dealing with ethics, conduct, and conflicts of interest;

• Increase the maximum size of the board;

• Addition of language to clarify that electronic signatures and email are sufficient for written consent in board action without meetings;

• Addition of language to clarify use of virtual/remote meetings;

• Clarification that notice provision for special board meetings refers to calendar days, not business days, and adoption of 3 days’ notice provision (reduction from current provision of 5 days);

• Addition of language to specify that proxy voting is not permitted.

The full text of the proposed amendments are included in the following pages, can be found on the PNA’s website, and are also posted at the Phinney Center.

Public comment and input is encouraged. To provide input or comment on the proposed amendments, please email Board Secretary, Deb Sundblad, at [email protected]

View proposed amendments here.