PNA Village’s Refer-a-Friend program—a win-win for everyone

PNA Village’s Refer-a-Friend program—a win-win for everyone
By mattc

PNA Village member Kay and board member Helen enjoy our Village Anniversary Party on July 10, 2022. Photo: Rand Peterson

By Teresa Tam, PNA Social Connection Project Coordinator

Do you have a neighbor or friend who may need help around the house or yard? Or perhaps you know someone who’d like to meet new people or who’s looking to connect with neighbors and community by volunteering?

Now is the perfect time to refer them to PNA Village. We recently started a Refer-a-Friend program. If someone you refer becomes a PNA Village member or volunteer, you’ll receive a $5 gift card to a local coffee shop. You’ll also be entered in a raffle to win a year’s full village membership—for yourself or for someone you know.

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful ways to grow and strengthen an organization. I recently conducted a survey to learn why people first decided to use the Greenwood Senior Center. The most common reason cited (35 percent of respondents) was that a friend or family member convinced them to check it out.

Village members enjoy popcorn from a popcorn truck at the PNA Village Anniversary Party.

PNA Village members Don and Gloria enjoy popcorn from Pop’s Popcorn at our Village Anniversary Party. Photo: Marguerite David

And it works for our Village program too. Don Swisher recounts his referral story. “Helen and I have been neighbors and friends for years. I often mentioned how much the Village had done for me. After her mother moved here from Trinidad, Helen learned firsthand how helpful the Village could be. I also urged Helen to consider becoming active in the Village as she neared retirement. Eventually, she took the bait and we’re all blessed that she did!” Helen agrees, “Volunteering for the Village has enriched my life with new friends and activities. I’m so appreciative of Don for encouraging me to join.”

Ready to spread the love? Please call us at 206.789.1217 or email [email protected] to get more information, including a letter and pamphlet about our Village program that you can share with others.

PNA Village team smiles and makes a welcoming gesture.Our Village is excited to welcome you as a member and volunteer!