PNPC : Why Co-op?

Our Educational Method

As a cooperative (or “co-op”) preschool, each classroom is led by a teacher and supported by a parent educator, with parents serving as co-teachers. This structure provides a high adult-to-child ratio, allowing for increased one-on-one engagement. PNPC fosters community between parents and children through enhanced opportunities for sensory, artistic, and musical exploration, field trips, and outdoor play.

The PNPC offers six classes from Parent/Infant through Pre-Kindergarten (including a Multi-Age class). The model creates not only a rich learning environment for children but also supports families in their parenting journey. Children receive the benefit of cooperative classroom education, led by a staff of experienced early education teachers. Parents benefit from the instruction and guidance of parent educators, as well as a vibrant community of families with young children.

As a program of the Phinney Neighborhood Association, PNPC is a community resource for families in Phinney Ridge and the surrounding neighborhoods.The program is almost entirely volunteer run, making it an affordable neighborhood preschool.

Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co-op