Rentals : Policies

Renting During COVID-19

The PNA is committed to the safety and health of our neighbors, community, and staff. We will be following the current Washington State and King County Safe Guidelines at all times.

As of 3/11/22, King County has lifted mask and vaccine mandates. All renters–private businesses, organizations, schools, and childcare programs–may still choose to implement their own mask requirements. Please visit our COVID-19 page for additional details.

Rental Period

All set-up and clean-up must be included in the rental term.  If the building is not vacated promptly at the expiration of the rental time, the police may be notified and appropriate action taken.  If clean-up lasts past rental time, additional time at the rate of $75 per fifteen minutes will be charged.

Room Use/Furniture

  1. Rooms are rented “As Is.” A list of furniture is available from the Rental Managers. Additional tables and chairs are available upon request. Please notify front desk staff if any additional furniture has been left in the room when you arrive.
  2. Renters are responsible for setting up, cleaning and returning any furniture brought into the room. Front desk staff can direct you to furniture and cleaning supplies.
  3. A $30 fee will be charged if PNA staff is required to remove furniture not returned to its proper storage spot.
  4. Do not use tape or tacks on the floors, slate or woodwork. Use of rosin is not permitted.
  5. No tacks, nails, screws, etc., will be driven into the walls or ceiling, nor will they be marred or torn by glue or tape.
  6. No alterations of any kind to the existing structure (stage, lights, etc.) are allowed.
  7. No candles, incense, or open flame of any kind may be used. No glitter is allowed, either loose or glued to decorations.  Nothing may be hung from the light fixtures, sprinkler system, or pipes.


PNA shall not be liable for any injury or damage to persons or their property sustained by use of or while on the rented premises.  The Renter agrees to defend and hold harmless PNA, or its agents from any claim, action and/or alleged injury suffered on the premises.  Renter acknowledges responsibility for any damages caused by their negligence and that of their guests or invitees.  Should the Renter be responsible for damage and/or loss of value to the rented area of the premises greater than the value of the Damage Deposit, the Renter hereby agrees to reimburse PNA for such loss immediately upon the presentation of a bill for said damage and/or loss.  If court action is sought to enforce the provisions of this agreement, Renter may be liable for attorney’s fees and costs.


  1. Your room is reserved when rental contract is completed, signed and payment is made. For series rentals which extend beyond a month, the first two weeks’ payment is required for reservation.
  2. For ongoing renters, subsequent month payments are due on the first of the month or quarter. Invoices may be sent upon request. A late fee of $35 will be charged if payment is not received by the 10th.
  3. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card payable to Phinney Neighborhood Association or PNA. A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks. Request a receipt when making cash payments.


  1. Notice of renter cancellation must be received by written notification. In the event that such termination is received, rental fees will be refunded based on the amount of notice given and the type of rental (please refer to your rental agreement).
  2. Please allow two weeks to process refunds.


  1. Parking is free, but sometimes limited. (Adjacent lots available at Phinney Center Brick and Blue Buildings and Greenwood Senior Center.)
  2. Please use on-site parking lots whenever possible and leave street parking for neighborhood residents. Inform your group members of the parking policy.

PNA Inclusivity and Nondiscrimination Policies

The Phinney Neighborhood Association’s (PNA) mission is to build, engage and support our diverse community through programs, services and activities that connect neighbors and foster civic engagement. We are an inclusive organization with diverse members, participants, volunteers, board and staff. We welcome everyone into our community centers, classes, events, and childcare programs and do our best to promote inclusivity and support our entire community. We know that communities are strongest when they are open, inclusive, and compassionate.

PNA actively supports efforts that combat prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. Discrimination will not be tolerated.  Participants in PNA programs and patrons of PNA facilities may be asked to leave and/or denied requests to use or rent PNA property if their behavior creates an intimidating or hostile environment for others. Discrimination or harassment – including on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, marital or military status, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, political ideology or the presence of sensory, physical or mental disability or on any other basis protected by federal, state or local law – is a violation of the PNA’s policy and is strictly prohibited on PNA property. Prohibited harassment includes derogatory comments, slurs, jokes, innuendoes, cartoons, pranks, physical harassment, etc. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature. PNA participants and patrons have the right to use a language other than English and to adhere to culture and ethnic customs without being subjected to harassment.

Building Policies

  1. Smoking is prohibited.
  2. Lit candles, incense or smudge, dry ice, or open flames of any kind are prohibited at all times.
  3. Children must be supervised by responsible adult at all times. Children cannot be unaccompanied in buildings, playgrounds or parking lots.
  4. The PNA is not responsible for items lost or stolen at our sites. Ask for Lost & Found at reception desk.
  5. Renter shall be responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations governing the use of the facility, for any and all damage to buildings and equipment, and agrees to clean up the rental spaces and leave in good order and repair.
  6. Additional behaviors that constitute immediate rental termination include, but are not limited to:  excessive use of alcohol by the Renter and/or participants, refusal to keep music at an acceptable noise level, rowdy behavior by adults or children, use of unauthorized parts of the rented premises, Neighbors’ objections to participant conduct, damage to the rented premises or its equipment, and unsafe use of the rented premises.


  1. If alcoholic beverages are served, Renter must obtain a Banquet Permit or Special Occasion License from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board and Event Liability Insurance no later than 5 business days prior to event:
    • The Special Occasion License / Banquet Permit must be posted during the event, and the Renter and attendees must abide by the permit and PNA rules.
    • Renter must provide proof of either Social Host Liquor Liability or Special Event Liability Insurance through an event liability insurance policy/rider issued by the renter’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company or by  PNA must be named as the insured entity.  The policy must cover $1,000,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 total general aggregate. Established, licensed catering service companies may use their own license and liability insurance to meet this requirement.
  2. Guests are the responsibility of the Renter and consumption of alcohol and behaviors must be monitored and controlled by the Renter.  No kegs are allowed inside or outside of the rented premises.
  3. Alcohol may not be served to minors. Upon signing this Agreement, Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless PNA, its employees and volunteers from any damages, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, which may arise as a result of consumption of alcoholic beverages by the Renter and/or any of the Renter’s guests.


Recyclable and compostable materials are to be used for serving food or beverages.  Special containers for garbage, food waste and recyclable materials are provided and must be utilized, including appropriate dumpsters at the end of the event.  A charge will be assessed if the receptacles are overfilled by the Renter or if unrecyclable and/or noncompostable materials are mixed into inappropriate receptacles.

Clean Up

  1.  All floors are swept and spills spot cleaned, if needed.
  2. Equipment and furniture is returned to pre-event condition and position.
  3. Any signs or decorations used for the event are removed.
  4. Bathrooms (and kitchen, if used) are to be left clean and in good condition.
  5. The outside grounds and parking lot must be cleared of cans, bottles, cigarette butts and other debris.
  6. The premises have been cleaned and vacated within the time period allotted for the event.  If the Renter’s occupancy exceeds the time limit for the rental, additional rent and monitoring fees will be deducted from the Damage Deposit.
  7.  The Renter complies with all additional clean up requirements outlined in the specific room clean-up policy document

Snow/Inclement Weather

The Phinney Center and Greenwood Senior Center follow the Seattle Public Schools for closure. Please see our full snow policy for details and reimbursement information.

Download a PDF of policies