Rentals : Policies

Rental Period

  1. Rooms can be rented on the hour or half hour (no quarter hours).
  2. Rental time must include all set up and clean up time.
  3. Renters must clear the room of all belongings, furniture, and people by 5 minutes before the end of the rental period so the next group can access the room on time. Overtime violators may be fined and/or denied future rental space.

Room Use/Furniture

  1. Rooms are rented “As Is.” A list of furniture is available from the Rental Managers. Additional tables and chairs may be available upon request. Please notify receptionist if any additional furniture has been left in the room when you arrive.
  2. Renters are responsible for setting up, cleaning, and returning any furniture brought into the room. The receptionist can direct you to furniture and cleaning supplies.
  3. A $30 fee will be charged if Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) staff are required to remove furniture not returned to its proper storage spot.
  4. Do not use tape or tacks on the floors, slate, or woodwork. Use of rosin is not permitted. Fees will be charged for damage to floors, slate, or woodwork.


  1. Your room is reserved when rental contract is completed, signed, and payment is made. For series rentals which extend beyond a month, the first two weeks’ payment is required for reservation.
  2. For ongoing renters, subsequent month payments are due on the first of the month or quarter. Invoices may be sent upon request. A late fee of $35 will be charged if payment is not received by the 10th.
  3. Payment may be made by cash, credit card, or check payable to Phinney Neighborhood Association or “PNA.” A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks. Request a receipt when making cash payments.


  1. Notice of cancellation must be given at least 30 days in advance of rental date reserved in order to receive a full refund. Otherwise renters will be charged for first two weeks of class.
  2. Please allow two weeks to process refunds.


  1. Parking lots are adjacent to each of our buildings: Blue, Brick, and Senior Center. Parking is free, but sometimes limited.
  2. Please use on-site parking lots whenever possible and leave street parking for neighborhood residents. Inform your group members of our parking policy.

Building Policies

  1. Smoking is prohibited. Alcohol may be consumed inside rental room with a Banquet Permit and event liability insurance policy. Ask for details.
  2. Lit candles, incense or smudge, or open flames of any kind are prohibited at all times.
  3. Children must be supervised by a parent or responsible adult at all times. Children cannot be unaccompanied in building, playgrounds, or parking lots.
  4. The PNA is not responsible for items lost or stolen at our sites. Ask for Lost & Found at our reception desk.
  5. Tenant shall be responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations governing the use of the Center, for any and all damage to the building and equipment, and agrees to clean up the rental spaces and leave in good order and repair.
  6. The PNA shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or property occurring during, or arising out of, occupancy of the building by Tenant, and Tenant agrees to save and hold the PNA harmless from liability on account of any such injury or damage.
  7. The PNA reserves the right to refuse service, including rentals space, to anyone whose behavior is inconsistent with posted Center Policies. Policies available upon request.

Download a PDF of policies