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Renting at PNA during COVID-19

To support the community during COVID-19, the Phinney Neighborhood Association is now renting our spaces to groups and activities that meet King County’s Healthy Washington Phase 3 list, effective March 22, 2021. 

We offer indoor and outdoor spaces at our Phinney Center campus (click here for a room example) as well as the upper hall or lower hall at the Sunset Hill Community Association clubhouse.

Looking to host a sports or fitness class?  The outdoor spaces on the Phinney Center campus are an excellent option. Contact Georgette and Eric at [email protected] for details.

We are following state guidelines to ensure the health and safety of renters and PNA staff.  Please remember: COVID activity remains high in King County. It is important that we continue to avoid socializing indoors, limit our gatherings and discretionary activities, wear masks, keep interactions brief, and practice social distancing so we can continue to slow the virus’ spread and reopen our region’s economy.  Renters will need to screen attendees for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entering our buildings (and stay home / immediately go home if they feel or appear sick.)

Please make sure you or your group meets the current King County guidelines. PNA will update our rental guidance as needed.

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Phinney Center & Greenwood Senior Center

When can I rent?

The Phinney Center (PC) is available for rentals weekdays 9 am-10 pm; Sat 9 am-5 pm; Sun 1 pm-5 pm. Some one-time or event rentals may rent earlier (or end later (weekends only) for an additional charge.

What is the difference between Rental Time and Advertised Class Times?
We book the rooms with back-to-back rentals, so your setup and cleanup time must be included in your Reservation Time. Your Advertised Class Time will fall within the Rental Time (e.g. CPR class Rental Time is 9 am-2 pm with Advertised Class Time: 9:30 am-1:30 pm).

Can I rent on the half-hour or the quarter-hour?

We do not reserve on the quarter-hour. If you only need 15 minutes for set up and/or clean up, advertise your class time as starting (or ending) on the quarter-hour.

What is the difference between Ongoing, One-Time, and Event Rentals?

-Ongoing: Classes, meetings, or other activities that meet in the same room/day/time slot weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Ongoing Renters have first priority for their time slot and room.

-One-Time: Classes, meetings, or other activities that meet once or for a short-series.

-Event: Special occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, fundraisers, art sales, etc.

Is there leased space available?

We have several lease spaces in our PC Brick Building. All are currently occupied. We do keep a waiting list. Contact the PNA for more information.

When is rent due?

Rent is due at the time of booking for One-Time or Event Rentals. Ongoing Renters pay quarterly or monthly.

How do I pay my rent?

Renters may pay by credit card, check, or cash.

Are your rooms ADA Accessible?

All of our rooms at the Phinney Center are ADA Accessible, with the exception of a short flight of stairs to the Teachers’ Lounge.

Are the rooms furnished?

Most rooms are not furnished, but folding tables and chairs are available on rolling racks outside the room. (Exception: Teachers’ Lounge, Room 6, and Red & Blue Rooms are furnished.)

Do I set up and clean up?

Renters do all furniture set up and clean up in their room. We ask that you spot clean spills on the floor and furniture and sweep if needed, but unless there’s been a large spill, there is no need to mop.

Is it OK to have food/coffee/alcohol in the room?

You can bring in food, water, and coffee for your meetings and classes. We ask that you take food garbage out to our dumpster (bags provided), spot clean spills on the floor and furniture, and sweep or vacuum if needed. You may serve alcohol to adults of legal drinking age (no kegs) as long as you arrange it with us in advance, secure a banquet permit and an event liability insurance policy and provide us with those two documents prior to your rental.

Do you have garbage/recycling/compost bins?

Each room has receptacles for garbage, recycling, and compost. We ask that you separate your waste accordingly and dispose of it in the labeled receptacles in our parking lots.

Are there windows in the room?

Most rooms have large windows with plenty of natural light. Windows are operable. (Exceptions: Red and Blue Rooms).

Does the room come with a sound system?

For most rooms, renters need to bring their own music equipment. Room 7 and Community Hall have simple sound systems suitable for a single mic or background music. If you need a more complex setup, we suggest you bring it with you.

Do you offer storage?

Storage space is extremely limited and only available to Ongoing Renters as space becomes available in the room you rent.

Do I need liability insurance for my rental?

Additional insurance may be required for movement-based classes or activities with children. Liability insurance is required for events with alcohol.

What is your snow/inclement weather policy?

The Phinney Center and the Greenwood Senior Center follows Seattle Public Schools for closure. See our full snow policy for information about notification and refunds.

What is your pet policy?

Due to allergies, we ask that only service animals be brought into the buildings and classrooms.

How can I market my class or event?

All renters can bring flyers to our reception desk to be posted in our public areas. Renters have the option of purchasing a class schedule listing (“class ad”) or display ad in our quarterly newspaper, The Review. You are also welcome to make a guest post on our Facebook page. Renters are also encouraged to submit events on the neighborhood blog,, as well as send a press release or blurb to [email protected].

Please read our marketing and advertising FAQ document for details, deadlines and contact information.

Can I put signs or flyers on the property?

Posting signs on the property is allowed by prior permission only.  Signs (and any tape) must be removed from both the interior and exterior of the building at the end of your rental.

Can I serve alcohol?

We ask that renters not serve alcohol at classes or meetings. For event rentals, alcohol is allowed with a banquet permit and liability insurance. Additional fees may be added to your event rental fee.

Can I bring decorations?

We ask that you do not tack or hang anything on the walls, woodwork, or chalkboards. Blue “painter’s tape” is acceptable for lightweight decorations. Decorations (and any tape) must be removed from both the interior and exterior of the building at the end of your rental.

Can I bring candles? Incense?  Glitter?

Candles, incense, and open flame of any kind are prohibited. We encourage you to use LED candles instead. Please do not bring glitter of any kind into our buildings; it is very difficult to clean up.  Confetti is allowed, but must be thoroughly swept up to avoid loss of the security deposit.

Sunset Hill Community Association Clubhouse

Which hall do you recommend?

If you have a large party, reception or event, or any activity that would dominate the hall (music and dancing) we require that you rent both floors. The lower hall can serve as an entry, coat check, food preparation, staging or supervised children’s play space.

Please note that though the fire capacity of the building as listed as 225, large events should be no larger than 150 guests, to allow room for music, dancing and food service.

For meetings or classes featuring a presentation to a large group of people, the Upper Hall is ideal.

The cozier Lower Hall is comfortable for smaller gatherings, group meetings, and workshops.

We want our facility to be the right fit for your event, so it is important to discuss the details of your plans with the manager.

Is music allowed? What sound control do you require?

Live and recorded music is permitted, with the exception of amplified bands. Please keep in mind that we are in a residential neighborhood, and we require renters to keep music and noise to a low volume, in accordance with Seattle’s noise ordinance for residential zones.

Activities must remain indoors – use of the outside area is subject to prior arrangement and is only permitted during summer. Doors need to stay closed to keep music or loud sounds from disturbing our neighbors.

How late may we stay in the building?

There is a strict 10:00 pm cut-off time for music (9:00 pm weeknights). All post-event clean up must be completed and the building vacated by 11:00 pm (10:00 pm weeknights).

Do you allow alcohol?

Alcohol consumption is permitted inside the building as long as the appropriate Banquet Permit is obtained from Washington State as well as an event liability policy. Events where alcohol will be sold require a specific type of permit. Renters must abide by SHCA contractual requirements and State law. Alcohol is not allowed outside the building under any circumstances.

What is the catering policy?

Renters are welcome to prepare food, have a potluck or use an outside caterer. You may rent the kitchen on each floor. Please keep in mind that these are not commercial kitchens, so are not suitable for cooking an entire meal for a large group of people.

What about parking?

The driveway can accommodate two cars and adequate street parking is available on 30th Avenue NW and adjacent streets. There is a marked 30-minute Load Zone in front of our building, on 66th Street. We ask that guests be careful not to block neighbors’ driveways.

What about decorations?

Decorations must be free-standing. Please check with the building manager if you have any questions. Candles are not allowed.

Is there a damage deposit?

We require a $300 security deposit. We ensure that the building and grounds are clean and ready for all events, and we ask that you leave it as you find it. The security deposit will be returned after your event, when the building manager confirms that all contractual obligations have been met.

Why do I need to clean up?

As a community association, our goal is to keep our rates affordable so that everyone may enjoy our facility. Cleaning up and returning all furniture to its place ensures that our rates remain low by helping to limit our custodial costs. Please let us know if the facility was not clean upon your arrival.

What is an Event Monitor?

All events will be staffed by an Event Monitor who can assist with finding furniture, cleaning supplies, lights, etc., and troubleshoot any problems with the facility. The Event Monitor is not a custodian and is not there to clean up after an event. Cleaning is the responsibility of the renter.

Meetings, workshops and classes are assumed not to require an Event Monitor.

Building Amenities

The following amenities are available to Renters (inquire for more details):
• Twelve 8 ft. rectangular banquet tables (seats 8-10)
• Four 6 ft. rectangular banquet tables (seats 6-8)
• 120 dining/meeting chairs
• Kitchens on each floor
• Use of fireplace(s)
• Use of large (30-100 cup) coffee makers
• Handicap-access elevator available (on request)
• Free recycling and garbage disposal
• Off-street loading and unloading
• Projection screen & chalkboard
• Performance stage with professional lighting
• Mirror ball
• Upright piano


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