See you at the Market!

See you at the Market!
By ana-maria

by Cecile Andrews, PNA Member, author, and guest blogger

Environmentalist Bill McKibbon says that we have 10 times the number of conversations at farmers markets as we do in regular grocery stores! Now that might sound wonderful to us extroverts, but some of you are thinking, “Who cares?” In fact some of you  might be thinking that you don’t want the market experience to take extra time! Chatting with others will just slow you down and time is precious.

But think again! One of the most important elements for health and happiness is interactions with other people. Most of us go to the market because we care about our health in terms of eating fresh, organic food.  And of course, of course, that’s important. But “social capital” is just as important, if not more so.

You might be thinking, “But I don’t know anyone in the Phinney neighborhood, so why should I bother.” Well, first, you will probably see someone you know, but more than that, there’s an air of festivity and celebration (particularly when the sun is out)!  People just seem happy and joyful, and that spreads. Certainly the music is wonderful; the food trucks mean you don’t have to cook dinner on a Friday night; and it’s great to see the little kids climbing on the playground equipment.

So give yourself a treat! I’ll be there with my little white dog, Millie, so be sure to say hello! (Petting dogs is good for your well being as well.)

The Phinney Farmers Market happens every Friday, June 1-Sept 28; 3:30-7:30 pm, with live music from 5 -7 pm. See music & events schedule.


Cecile Andrews is the author of Living Room Revolution,  Less Is More, Slow Is Beautiful, and Circle of Simplicity. She leads several groups for the PNA including Voluntary Simplicity, Understanding Happiness and Conversation and News of the Day.