September events bloom at GSC

September events bloom at GSC
By mattc

As the end of summer approaches, the Greenwood Senior Center has interesting free events planned for all ages, both in-person and online. Check out the following GSC happenings and sign up today!


Mushroom Talk

Sept. 1, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (GSC)

Mushrooms on a log

Mushroom enthusiast Jeremy Collison will share examples and photos of mushrooms that can be found locally. He will share stories about the amazing diversity of Pacific Northwest fungi, describe what the seasonality is for various species, discuss the symbiotic nature between many species and specific trees and explain how city mushrooms differ from deep forest species. Register by calling 206-297-0875. Please note: we are asking everyone who attends programs at the GSC to wear masks while in the building and show proof of vaccination. 


Playland: The History of the North End’s Premier Amusement Park

Sept. 2, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (ONLINE)

An old rollercoaster

Take a stroll down memory lane with Vicki Stiles, director of the Shoreline Historical Museum, as she explores the history of a former local treasure – Playland Amusement Park! From its inception as a resort, to holiday ice-skating on Bitter Lake, Playland’s evolution and disappearance reflected the many changes of the surrounding region, and it remains a fascinating story to this day. This talk is online only and requires an internet connection to attend.

Register by emailing: [email protected].


Pots & Plans Cooking Class

Sept. 2, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (ONLINE, must be 55+)

Vegetables with a knife in front of a stew pot.

Join our Healthy Cooking Class with FREE ingredients! Learn healthy cooking and eating from the comfort of your own kitchen in this six-week cooking class with instructor Haley Higgins. This class is presented in partnership with Lifelong-Chicken Soup Brigade and is open to any King County resident 55 years or older or to their caregivers. This hour-long class will demonstrate how to prepare easy, affordable, tasty, and healthy foods at home. Weekly topics/menus for this series include low-sodium for high blood pressure, fiber, weight management, heart disease, protein, bone health, and sugar. Register through Lifelong, or email [email protected] with questions.