Snowy times ahead? PNA’s snow closure policy

Snowy times ahead? PNA’s snow closure policy
By ana-maria

The forecast may call for snow soon!

Because our sites serve different populations and have different considerations, each site will decide if it will close in a given snow event. The following general conditions are used as a guideline for closure:

  • Nearby arterials have more than 1 inch of snow or are iced over
  • Site driveways are covered in ice/snow and cannot be reasonably cleared or safely navigated around
  • Weather has caused service outages at the work site (water, gas, electricity)

We will post the status of PNA business operations in our  “News & Announcements” section, as well as on Facebook.

Have you rented space at the Phinney Center or Greenwood Senior Center? Have a class? Read the full snow policy.

Whittier Kids programs will follow the Seattle Public Schools closures.

The Hot Meal Program will aim to operate as scheduled (Mon, Tues, Wed), but we will include its status in our announcement.

Stay safe and warm!

Full snow closure policy