Community Survey 2022

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Your input will help shape PNA’s future!

The Phinney Neighborhood Association conducted a Northwest Seattle Community Survey in spring 2022. 

The survey is now closed. Thanks for your interest in participating!

We welcome feedback at any time! Please email [email protected].

Join us on July 22 to learn about the results of the survey!

We’ll be having an open house on Friday, July 22, 2022, from 3 to 7 pm to share out the results of the survey. Visit the Farmers Market and stop in the Phinney Center for refreshments and to learn more about our community.

We hope to see you!


About the survey

The PNA has long been a place for community members to connect, share resources, support each other, engage in social activities, and create programs and services that support the neighborhood. Being part of this community, using services, or benefiting from PNA resources has always been available to everyone. Younger or older…member or not…Phinney resident or otherwise–the PNA helps to connect people.

Because of the support and engagement from both individuals and partners, the PNA does a lot! Grassroots efforts have led to the creation of many long-standing programs such as the Preschool Co-Ops, Tool Library, and The Hot Meal Program. Now the PNA operates in five program locations including the Greenwood Senior Center and the Phinney Center. We offer programs and services to northwest Seattle to help people to create the community that they want to be in be part of.

We also strive for inclusion but recognize that some community members have not felt included or connected to the PNA.

As northwest Seattle is changing, and our neighborhood is growing, we ask ourselves: How does the PNA grow and change with it? Does it still make sense to connect with our community in the same way?

The PNA is conducting a survey to answer these questions and better understand the community and to help raise awareness about current opportunities for engagement. 

The PNA, like many communities and organizations around the northwest, country, and world, has experienced a lot of change and dealt with many challenges the past few years–from racial reckoning, social injustice, political strife, economic hardships, and of course, the COVID pandemic.

The PNA comes out of the past couple of years with a desire to build on what we are doing well and strive to do better. How do we do that? We are not sure yet. We have some good ideas, but we want to hear from you!

Want to know more? Visit our FAQ page about the project.

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