• Mother’s Day Luncheon

    Mother’s Day Luncheon

    Mothers, people who have had a mother, people who appreciate mothers, and anyone else who just wants a good meal, are invited to come to this festive event. Food and entertainment are included; we’re hoping you bring the lively conversation with you. Call 206.297.0875, or sign up at the front desk, to let Jane know […]...

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  • Gates Foundation Discovery Center Tour

    Gates Foundation Discovery Center Tour

    The Gates Foundation Discovery Center highlights the various initiatives the foundation is involved in around the world as well as global challenges faced by many. We’ll be given a 60 min tour and the opportunity to learn more. Lunch in the neighborhood. ...

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  • First Friday Film Series: Breathe

    The inspiring true love story of Robin and Diana Cavendish, an adventurous couple who refuse to give up in the face of a devastating disease. ...

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  • Heron Watching at Commodore Park

    Heron Watching at Commodore Park

    Take a walk through Ballard’s Commodore Park with Michael Marsh, Heron Monitor with Heron Habitat Helpers. Using telescopes, observe Great Blue Herons in several nests as they protect their territory, incubate eggs, feed hatchlings and fly in search of food. Wear comfortable shoes that can get a little muddy, if necessary. ...

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  • Suzzallo and Allen Library Tour

    Suzzallo and Allen Library Tour

    Let’s visit to the UW campus and take a tour of its fantastic 92-year old library. See architectural highlights and public art and learn about the history of the building and its addition. Lunch at the HUB....

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  • Healing Drum Circle

    Healing Drum Circle

    Be part of a healing drumming circle for relaxation, energy, and a sense of well-being. ...

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  • First Friday Film Series: The Bookshop

    First Friday Film Series: The Bookshop

    England 1959. In a small East Anglian town, Florence Green decides, against polite but ruthless local opposition, to open a bookshop. ...

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  • Moving to Connect

    Moving to Connect

    Based on the core values of appreciating one’s own body and moving with other people, this series is inspired by elements of modern dance technique and improvisation. Open to all skill levels and mobility, Moving to Connect promotes self-confidence, physical awareness, social interaction, expressiveness, and encourages finding joy in movement. Classes begin with a gentle […]...

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  • St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon

    St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon

    Spread the cheer around a celebration of all things lucky. Wear green and come prepared to eat great food and enjoy some jolly good entertainment. ...

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  • Current Global Events Forum

    Current Global Events Forum

    A monthly discussion group intended to explore a more in-depth perspective on specific regions, crises and people throughout the world. Prior research encouraged. Articles, maps and other citations invited....

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