PNA Village: About Us

The PNA Village is part of a burgeoning, world-wide Village Movement that champions an alternative approach for adults as they grow older.

PNA Village Purpose

Creating a strong and active intergenerational community that reimagines aging by offering elders opportunities combined with support to fully engage in this next phase of life.

Core Beliefs

  • All members matter regardless of age or ability. They have the right to choose what’s right for them as they grow older.
  • Aging is a vital and challenging phase of life best shared with a supportive community.
  • We are a thriving, inclusive community full of creativity, energy, enthusiasm, experience and laughter.
  • Community is organic, evolving from grassroots, based on the wishes of members.
  • Elders contribute to the social capital that holds communities together.
  • We are leading the revolution to change aging.

PNA Village Structure

Villages are grassroots – created by and for older adults. PNA Village members and volunteers are encouraged to support PNA Village staff in guiding, evaluating and advocating for the PNA Village.

Learn more about the PNA Village Staff, Advisory Council, and Committees.