PNA Village : Join

There are three ways to join:

  1. Online: Click here to join online now
  2. Paper: Download and print this form and mail it to us at:
    PNA Village
    525 N. 85th St
    Seattle, WA 98103
  3. Phone: Call us at 206.789.1217 to join over the phone

Membership Levels

Village Full Membership: This level is for people who want the full scope of Village services including: support services from volunteers, referrals to vetted professionals, and social engagement activities. You can join as an individual or a household.

Village Builder Membership: This level is for people who do not require full Village services yet, but wish to build the future of the program plus receive added benefits including: referrals to vetted professionals  and community building activities. All but $50 of this membership is tax-deductible. You can join as an individual or a household.

PNA Membership Included:  The PNA Village is a program of the Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA). PNA membership fees are included in the price of Village membership, a $35 value for individuals and $60 for households. PNA benefits include discounts to PNA events and classes, membership to the Greenwood Senior Center, and access to the tool lending library.


Membership Fees

Full Membership
  • Full Household   $600/annually ($60 is tax-deductible)
  • Full Individual    $360/annually ($35 is tax-deductible)
Builder Membership
  • Builder Household   $300/annually  ($250 is tax-deductible)
  • Builder Individual     $180/annually ($130 is tax-deductible)

Reduced fee membership

We do not want income to be a barrier for anyone in joining the PNA Village. We offer assistance to those who cannot afford standard membership fees. To be eligible, yearly income must be $30,000 or less for an individual, or $39,000 or less for a household of two or more persons. To determine your eligibility, please contact Riana Nolet, PNA Village Director, for a confidential discussion at 206.789.1217 or [email protected].

Monthly Options

Twelve monthly payments are available for all levels with an increase of 10% for administrative fees. To join/renew on the monthly payment system, please contact Riana Nolet, PNA Village Director.