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Originally from New York then onto Southern California where I worked in theatre, film and tv for decades in Los Angeles.

I’ve now begun a new chapter after moving to the PNW creating jewelry I call Sea Diamondz from what I find exploring the sea shores wherever I go – I’m inspired by the natural beauty and shapes tumbled by the sea.

Some of my favorite walks have been the Jurassic Coast in Lyme Regis, UK, Glass Beach in Northern California and Golden Gardens, Seattle, WA and the PNW Olympic shorelines as well as Victoria, B.C.

The Sea Diamondz sea glass necklace have a single beauty – the sea glass pendant. Each piece is unique in color and shape.

The finding loop and 24″ chain are sterling silver. I have also created a listing of sea glass pendants that come on a 1.5mm sterling silver finished ball chain necklace.
I’ve created several styles in Sea Diamondz that look amazing on a single strand or in a grouping of 3. Mix them up they are all unique.

My Inspiration Wheel Necklace is a modern bohemian take on an amulet or prayer wheel which can be used for self recalibration and reflection equipped with a movable spinning wheel to aid you in the process – relax spin and ponder.

I use furnace beads, vintage Venetian Millefiori beads, vintage African trade beads mixed with small glass or semi-precious beads from the shorelines of Golden Gardens in Seattle and around the peninsula, I’ve been in awe of the natural stones I have collected and have created Seattle Sliders a necklace mixed with beads on a sliding elastic cord. I’ll be posting new finds often so come back often. Been finding Pacific Northwest Jade good luck for the New Year 2021!!

I hope you enjoy my shop and share with family and friends!

Sea Diamondz
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