PhinneyWood Winter Lights

Winter is the perfect time to slow down, reflect, and notice the beauty around us. We are thrilled to welcome back our PhinneyWood Winter Lights, the PNAnimals, this year and we hope that you take time during December to enjoy the glow of these warm and wonderful creatures.

Meet the stars of the PhinneyWood Winter Lights, the PNAnimals!

The PNAnimals are a diverse group; they swim, fly, run, and climb. Some we see every day, some only at the zoo, some we might count ourselves lucky to see even once. They all have something important in common: you can find each of these animals in the Pacific Northwest and all of them have characteristics that we feel reflect our community. Now to meet our animal friends!

Crows on a beach. Crows care about their communities.

Orcas breathing at the surface of the water. Orcas share generational knowledge and community traditions.

Otter covering one eye while floating on a its back. Otters like to have fun.

Squirrel eating a nut. Squirrels are good problem solvers.

A mother bear observing two cubs that are playing. Bears adapt to changes in their environment.

Two wolves howling in the woods. Wolves are good communicators.

During these long winter nights, our bright animal ambassadors serve as a visual reminder of what we strive for our community to be, and of our neighborhood’s best qualities. PhinneyWood is our true inspiration! Join us in welcoming the PNAnimals back to the neighborhood and celebrating the brightness that comes when neighbors become friends and friends become a supportive and caring community.