The Year in Review (and Trivia)

The Year in Review (and Trivia)
By ana-maria

Saturday morning, about a hundred folks got up early to make their way to the Phinney Center Community Hall to enjoy Bill’s homemade pancakes, sip mimosas, look back on PNA’s year, and elect the 2018 Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting.

We welcomed Amanda Darling, Adam Grossman, and Renee Shulz to the board, each of whom shared their enthusiasm with the community.

We sadly said farewell to several other members who volunteered their excellent service over the past several years: Dustin Foss, Past President Jan Gray, Chad Lennox, Kate Morrison, Barbara Vaughey, and Jean White.

Alex, our snappy Membership Manager, decided to make our 2017 retrospective an audience participation game show with some (not-so-trivial) PNA trivia. Our group was pretty smart! And learned a few new things as well.

Didn’t make it to the breakfast? Test your PNA smarts and learn about our programs and what we’ve been up to with the game show presentation below (though without Executive Director/MC Lee Harper’s witty commentary!).



New PNA Board Member Renee and Finn, and PNA Development Director Megan and Miles