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We build, engage, and support our diverse community through programs, services, and activities that connect neighbors and foster civic engagement.

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  • Free meals are just a part of the picture

    One Tuesday evening, the Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) Hot Meal Program prepared fresh blueberries from St. John United Lutheran’s community garden, bbq chicken, and baked potatoes. Seven volunteers and the PNA Program Coordinator served this dinner to 60 low-income neighbors, but food was the least of what was offered. The Hot Meal Program provides far more than a fresh-cooked meal—it nourishes the community with health and wellness support and works to foster a sense of connection between all members of the neighborhood... You can contribute to the effort simply by dining out in the neighborhood on September 25. Read more

  • City Council Debates Sept 21

    On September 21, Seattle CityClub and PNA will be hosting District 5 and 6 candidates at the Greenwood Senior Center for free and open debates. Space is limited, so register early! Read more

  • September 2019 Newsletter

    The newsletter is here! Find out what events and classes are happening at the Phinney Center and Greenwood Senior Center, and what's going on with PNA programs- and how you can get involved. Read more

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