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At the Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA), our mission is to cultivate an inclusive community where every individual finds their place. Through a diverse range of programs, services, and events, we aspire to forge meaningful connections, nurture a sense of belonging, support our local businesses, and make positive change. Together, we are dedicated to building a community where everyone belongs and thrives.

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The Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) is a network of campuses throughout NW Seattle. Our distinctive blue building at the Phinney Center is a recognizable landmark, but the PNA extends beyond, encompassing the charming brick structure that houses the Greenwood Senior Center and PNA Village. Additionally, we run the Whittier Kids program within Whittier Elementary School. Our co-ops, the Ballard Preschool Co-op and the Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co-op, are integral parts of our local community, frequently utilizing classrooms at the Phinney Center. We invite you to visit us at one of our locations!

Featured Activities

With nearly 800 activities annually, the PNA is your go-to community organization for gathering and making connections, new and old. Each year, we welcome over 15,000 individuals through our doors, fostering meaningful connections among our diverse community. Whether you’re seeking family-friendly arts and cultural events, local beer or wine tastings, or ongoing bridge or cribbage groups, you’ll find a space for you waiting at the PNA.

Programs & Services

The PNA has a range of programs and services that serves critical needs in our community while meeting our mission to connect people and create belonging. Discover the breadth and impact of our programs below.


Our senior programs encompass the Greenwood Senior Center, PNA Village, Memory Loss Program, and Social Connection Projects. Learn more about our commitment to enriching the lives of seniors in our community.


PNA’s kids programs, Whittier Kids, Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co-op, and Ballard Neighborhood Co-op, provide a range of preschool, afterschool, and summer camp options. Explore how we nurture the future generation of children in NW Seattle.

Social Services

From our weekly Hot Meal Program to holistic memory care and individualized case work, PNA is deeply committed to fostering positive change in our community. We achieve this by offering free or highly affordable social services.

Local Businesses

Local businesses are the heart of the PhinneyWood neighborhood, and PNA takes pride in our extensive experience and history of supporting their success. With our community-based events and our strong business network, PhinneyWood businesses can confidently tackle challenges and celebrate our neighborhood’s growth.

Affordable Room Rentals

PNA’s room rental program offers groups and clubs of all sizes the chance to gather in an affordable and communal setting. The proceeds generated from PNA fundraisers and friendraisers directly contribute to funding affordable rentals at our campuses!


The PNA’s DIY Hub features the Tool Library, stuffed with over 3,000 tools, along with the Community Woodshop and Fixer’s Cafe. This hub brings together kindred spirits, fostering new friendships and handy skills, all while championing resource conservation.

Get Involved

Support PNA to ensure the sustainability and expansion of our programs for future generations! Explore various giving options, including recurring donations, workplace matching, and legacy gifts.


Becoming a PNA member is the most effective way to contribute to our ongoing programs, services, and events.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsoring a PNA event is a highly effective way to promote your brand within the community. Your brand will stay top of mind for community members when they choose to shop locally.


Do you have a unique skill set or time you’d like to share with PNA? We welcome your contributions! Volunteer your skills, whether it’s in Photoshop, web development, or lending a hand at events by greeting visitors, baking treats, designing t-shirts, and much more.

Our Impact

This is just a glimpse of our annual efforts to support our community. The PNA proudly hosts numerous enriching arts and cultural events for all ages on our campuses and in the neighborhood. Our Hot Meal Program provides free meals, medical care, clothing, and hygiene supplies, while the PNA Village enables individuals to age in the comfort of their beloved homes while staying active. Through our kids’ programs and a wide range of ongoing classes and groups at the Greenwood Senior Center, we champion the value of lifelong learning.

The PNA serves as a vibrant community hub, welcoming makers and builders to unleash their creativity at the Tool Library and Community Woodshop. Additionally, our affordable rental spaces offer a gathering point for groups of all sizes. All of this is made possible by the dedicated community and volunteer network that embodies the PNA. The PNA is a reflection of you!

Community Events

Free Meals Served

Small Businesses Supported

Visits to PNA Village Members

Support the PNA

Make a donation today to ensure the sustainability and expansion of our programs for future generations.

Thank you to all our members, donors, volunteers, partners, and friends! You are the heart of our community.

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