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We build, engage, and support our diverse community through programs, services, and activities that connect neighbors and foster civic engagement.

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  • 2019 PNA Auction: Give My Regards to Phinney

    2019 PNA Auction: Give My Regards to Phinney

    Sat. 5/4. Brush up on your favorite musical numbers for PNA's Broadway-themed auction - the biggest neighborhood party of the year!...

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  • Bingo Karaoke: Superheros and Villains

    Bingo Karaoke: Superheros and Villains

    Fri, 4/26. Get brave like your fave Marvel or DC character and don some brights tights! A mask, some makeup, a cape, tall boots... the options are endless at our most rowdy Bingo of the year! Play rollicking games of bingo (for cash prizes!), wow the crowd with your karaoke skills, and buy your friends a round of drinks and snacks....

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  • Art Gallery Opening Reception: NW Fine Arts Competition

    Art Gallery Opening Reception: NW Fine Arts Competition

    Fri. 5/10. Celebrate PNW art! Meet the artists, enjoy refreshments and music, vote for your favorite piece for People's Choice, and maybe even add to your collection. A must-stop on your BIG One Art Walk tour!...

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  • Are you our next Board Member?

    PNA is seeking two candidates for its Board of Directors and we would love to hear from you! We are looking for community members who are passionate about the PNA’s mission to build community,  have expertise in real estate development,  are local business owners, or who have knowledge or experience with fundraising. We are actively working to build a more equitable and inclusive Board and organization because we value a diversity of opinions, backgrounds, and skills. Applicants representing the diversity of our community are encouraged to apply. Read more

  • We asked…we listened: PNA looks to the future with help from community survey

    In the fall, we asked the community to contribute to our strategic planning process, and we were blown away by the response. Over 900 people took the time to share their thoughts through our online survey and in-person focus groups. Thank you to everyone who participated! We incorporated your input as we developed the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s Strategic Priorities for the next three years (2019–2021). These priorities reflect the current values that we commit to placing at the forefront of our decision making. Read more

  • Remembering what matters: A story of kindness in Greenwood

    It’s dark out, and you’re standing at the curb. Rain spatters off cars as headlights cast shining light in swathes along the road, and the bare trees crackle overhead. It’s that all too familiar scene of waiting for a bus, of standing in the night for someone to come get you. When they do, we know all too well what a difference it makes when the door opens and we’re greeted with a smile. A wave...“Come on in.” Nathan Vass drives a bus for Seattle Metro for the sheer joy of it, and has become something of a local celebrity for his attitude ... At the Greenwood Senior Center, Erika Merz leads The Gathering Place, an enrichment program for people with early stage memory loss (ESML). To borrow Nathan’s words, she is “a radiant ball of kind, considerate, controlled positive energy.” ... She recently directed a film about memory loss, titled "Living with Memory Loss, In Our Own Words." It features members of The Gathering Place speaking to their experiences and trials. However, more than anything it speaks to hope. To the benefits of patience, kindness, and an open mind. The process of creating the film, however, caused her a bit of a headache. Or it did, until Nathan came along. Read more

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