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  • Zoom Away with the PNA Spring Fundraiser

    Zoom Away with the PNA Spring Fundraiser

    Sat. 5/8, Save the date for PNA's annual neighborhood party! Come "zoom away with the PNA" and let's dream of hopping on a plane to someplace cool (or warm). Set your Zoom background to a place you'd rather be and dress for the adventure! We’ll have a fun program awaiting you. It’s free to join the trip; you’ll get a chance to support the PNA and our community programs, of course....

  • PhinneyWood Garage Sale Day 2021

    PhinneyWood Garage Sale Day 2021

    Sat. 5/22. Springtime! Clean your closets and register your sale to get on the map for this neighborhood day of yard sales! We'll also have trucks for those hard-to-recycle items, free shredding, and a tool sale....

  • 2nd PhinneyWood Art Sale & Stroll

    2nd PhinneyWood Art Sale & Stroll

    Sat. 6/12. This neighborhood event is an opportunity for artists, crafters, and makers to display their wares for gazing and purchase, and a chance for appreciators to collect some new art, jewelry, or other handmade treasures. Using a Google map as your guide, take a stroll or drive around PhinneyWood to visit artists and makers, and don’t miss the booths in the Phinney Center Lot. Have a yard to offer an artist? We have a matching tool, too!...


News & Stories

  • Calling all new PhinneyWood pets!

    Are you a pet who became a new member of a Phinney-Greenwood household in the past year? We want to hear from your pet parent!  We are writing an article for the PNA's Review newspaper about pets adopted or acquired during the pandemic and we have a short survey for folks who have a new furry, feathered, or scaly friend! There's even an option to upload a photo, which means you might even get to see your cute self in print! So, please go ask your human to help out the PNA and take five minutes to answer some easy questions by April 15 about their favorite topic -- you!   Read more

  • Members Make Us…

    This month, we're launching our annual PNA Membership Campaign to show our appreciation for our incredible members, and to (hopefully) engage new folks to join. For the last 41 years, members have been the backbone of the PNA. Our staff spent some time reflecting on some of the stories that our neighbors have shared with us—especially in this past year—of ways that being part of the PNA community has impacted their lives. We know that the PNA wouldn’t exist without our members. Members make us—and our community—Meaningful, Engaged, Motivated, Build(ers), Essential, Resourceful, and Strong(er). Read more

  • The Review Quarterly: Spring online edition

    Spring is almost here, and PNA is bustling! In this issue, we've got some exciting news to share, some fun events coming up, and some new stuff to learn about. Read more

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