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The Review: Your Quarterly Neighborhood Resource

The Review, proudly published by PNA, is your go-to neighborhood resource, released four times a year. This publication is packed with human interest stories, thought-provoking articles on local issues, valuable insights into neighborhood businesses, and a comprehensive calendar of events, programs, and classes offered at the PNA and in the community.

Reach and Impact

With a robust circulation of 22,000 copies, The Review makes a significant impact on our community. Over 21,000 copies are directly mailed to PNA members and all residents in the Phinney/Greenwood area. You can also pick up your copy at the Phinney Center, the Greenwood Senior Center, and local libraries.

Supporting Local Businesses

We extend a heartfelt thank you to our dedicated advertisers who play a crucial role in sustaining The Review. Their support keeps this valuable resource up and running. In our digital editions, their ads are interactive and clickable, offering direct links to their websites. Show your support for our local businesses by checking them out and giving them some well-deserved love!

Note on Summer & Fall Issues 2024

The Review is undergoing a substantive change to its ad program. As a result we will not be taking *new* ad orders for the Summer and Fall issues of the paper this year. We will launch a new ad program before the Winter issue and will invite advertisers then. Thanks for your understanding, and we hope you will like the new changes, which benefit not only the PNA but also our advertisers!

Previous Issues of the Review

Advertise in the Review

The Review is a neighborhood resource with content encompassing local businesses, human interest stories, critical issues impacting North-end neighborhoods, and an extensive calendar of community-centric events, programs, and classes. Our publication schedule includes four editions per year: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Extensive Circulation for Broad Reach

The Review boasts an impressive circulation of 22,000 copies, with nearly 21,000 copies mailed directly to PNA members and residences within the vibrant Phinney Ridge and Greenwood neighborhoods (refer to the distribution map on the following page for details). You can also pick up your copy at the conveniently located Phinney Center, Greenwood Center, and several Northwest Seattle libraries.


Direct Delivery to Your Target Audience

Your ad will reach approximately 22,000 households and businesses within the vibrant Phinney/Greenwood community. Your ad will be delivered directly into the hands of potential customers, making a lasting impression. Additionally, over 800 papers are strategically placed at key community locations for even broader exposure.

Affordable Advertising Options

We provide highly competitive rates for both black & white and color advertisements. Whether you opt for a one-time ad or choose ongoing placements, you’ll enjoy excellent value for your advertising investment, all for a good cause!

Strengthen Community Bonds

By advertising in The Review, you demonstrate your commitment to the local community while supporting the initiatives of the PNA.

Tap into New Markets

Our readership extends beyond Phinney/Greenwood, encompassing a wide range of Northwest neighborhoods, including Greenwood, Phinney, Ballard, Green Lake, Fremont, Wallingford, and more. If your business operates in any of these areas, advertising in The Review allows you to tap into new and diverse customer markets.

Boost Brand Recognition for Your Business

Our community loves supporting local neighborhood businesses. Each time your name appears in print within The Review, it reinforces your brand in their minds, fostering strong brand recognition and loyalty.

2024 Circulation Dates

Spring issue: March 1 – June 2
Summer issue: June 2 – Aug 30
Fall issue: Aug 30 – Nov 30
Winter issue: TBD

2024 Ad Deadlines

Summer issue: May 2
Fall issue: Aug 5
Winter issue: TBD

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