Ballard Preschool Co-op

About Ballard Preschool Co-op

We are a cooperative preschool located in the Ballard neighborhood of Northwest Seattle. We offer part-time preschool classes for young learners ages 0-5.

As a program of the Phinney Neighborhood Association, BPC is a community resource for families in Ballard and the surrounding neighborhoods. The program is almost entirely volunteer run, making it an affordable neighborhood preschool.

What’s a Cooperative Preschool?

As a cooperative (or “co-op”) preschool, each classroom is led by a teacher and supported by a parent educator, with parents or caregivers serving as co-teachers. This structure provides a high adult-to-child ratio, allowing for increased one-on-one engagement.

The co-op model creates not only a rich learning environment for children but also supports families in their parenting journey. Children receive the benefit of cooperative classroom education, led by a staff of experienced early education teachers. Parents benefit from the instruction and guidance of parent educators, as well as an active community of families with young children.

Ballard Preschool Co-op is a vibrant, community-based cooperative preschool that fosters the social, emotional, physical, and mental development of young children through play-based, structured learning. Our nurturing and connected community supports not just our students, but their parents and caregivers as well, as they learn and grow side by side.

Our Goals

Create a safe, supportive, fun, and stimulating environment that encourages the social, emotional, physical, and mental development of young children through creative classroom and outdoor play.

Nurture each child’s sense of accomplishment and personal growth.

Encourage families to share their unique talents, interests, and experiences in ways that enhance their child’s class, as well as the larger preschool community.

Provide opportunities for parents and caregivers to participate in their child’s first educational experience, working closely with teachers, parent educators, and each other to learn about child development and behavior, as well as parenting.

Foster a sense of community, support, and belonging for all those involved in the preschool.


Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year will open in March 2024. We recommend that interested families fill out our pre-registration form as soon as possible, as some classes have many returning students and open spots will fill up quickly. Once our All-School Registrar receives your pre-registration submission, they will reach out to you with an application and further enrollment information.

Ballard Preschool Co-op does offer rolling enrollment as space allows. For classes that are at capacity, the registrar will contact families in waitlist order as spots open up.

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Class Offerings

BPC offers five classes from Infant through Pre-K. All classes meet on the grounds of the Northwest Christian Church (7503 18th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117). 

A parent (or other caregiver) must actively participate in the classroom 1 day per week for all classes. On-site sibling care may be available for children not participating in class while their parent is working in the classroom for a small fee. Children in the Twos and 3-5s classes also attend preschool on days in which their caregiver is not in the classroom. Our school year largely follows the Seattle Public Schools calendar. All age ranges are as of August 31 preceding the school year.


Age Range: 0-12 Months
Classroom time: 1.5 hours, once per week
Drop-off days: N/A


Age Range: 1-2 Years
Class Time: 2 hours, once per week
Drop-off days: N/A


Age Range: 2-3 Years
Classroom time: 2 hours, twice per week
Drop-off days: 1 per week


Age Range: 3-5 Years
Classroom time: 3 hours, three times per week, extra session for Pre-K students (must be four by August 31)
Drop-off days: 2 per week (3 per week for Pre-K)

Mixed Age*

Age Range: 1-2 Years
Classroom time: 2 hours, once per week
Drop-off days: N/A


2023-2024 Tuition

  • Infant Class Tuition (1.5 hrs/week): $80/month
  • Mixed Age Class Tuition (2 hrs/week): $80/month
  • Toddler Class Tuition (2 hrs/week): $95/month
  • Twos Class Tuition (4 hrs/week with 1 drop-off day): $155/month
  • 3-5s Class Tuition (9 hrs/week with 2 drop-off days): $270/month
  • Pre-K Tuition (12 hrs/week with 3 drop-off days): $335/month

Non-refundable Tuition & Fees Due Upon Enrollment

Yearly registration fee: $80
June tuition: Half of monthly tuition listed above (prorated as June is a half month of school).
Payment and information for a national criminal background check: $12

Due September 1st

September tuition: As listed above
Annual membership to the Phinney Neighborhood Association: $50

Fundraising Commitment

We strive to keep tuition affordable, however these rates are not enough to keep our school running. For that reason, each family is also required to meet an annual fundraising commitment which ranges from $175 – $275 per student determined by class level and number of students enrolled.

Scholarships & Emergency Assistance

Scholarships are applied for bi-annually, and may cover 25% – 75% of tuition costs. Scholarship applications are due in September and January. 

Emergency assistance may also be available on a per-case basis at the discretion of the BPC Board.

BPC Staff

Christine Miller, Teacher

Christine Miller, Teacher

Infants, Toddlers, 3-5s/Pre-K

Hi! My name is Christine Miller. I found my passion for Early Childhood Education when I enrolled my daughter at Ballard Preschool Co-op. She started in the Infants class and we grew and learned together all the way through the 3-5s class. When my second daughter was born, I enrolled her at the co-op too! When they both graduated to elementary, I decided it was time to explore my next steps in Early Childhood Education, and received my BAS in Early Childhood Education from North Seattle College in Spring 2021. I am so thankful to jump into my career as an educator here at Ballard Preschool Co-op, where I’ve found community, connection, and joy! My goal is to provide a safe and welcoming space where children can comfortably explore, grow and connect with others and the environment surrounding them. In my free time, I love to draw with my daughters, go on walks, read, go to coffee shops, try out new recipes, eat my favorite foods, and spend quality time with family and friends!

Katie Grant, Teacher

Katie Grant, Teacher


Hi, I’m Teacher Katie! I’ve been teaching young children for over 2 decades, spanning toddlers through tutoring high school students. While teaching at early childhood centers, I began to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in elementary education, which I completed in Spring of 2016. I first joined the co-op world when my daughter was 2, and quickly became attached to the format and community it provides for families. I joined BPC as the 2s teacher in 2019, and am excited to return in 2021 as students resume in-person classes. My philosophy when teaching young children is “to meet them where they are, engage them using topics they are naturally interested in, and always remain flexible in the classroom environment.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What does co-op participation entail?

All parents participate in class according to their child’s age and have school jobs. Infants’ and Toddlers’ parents attend every class; Twos’ parents attend one of two classes per week; Threes’ parents attend one of three classes per week. Parents are welcome to stay in the classroom until their child is fully comfortable.

Rotating class jobs include providing snacks, supervising activities, and cleaning up. Each family must also hold a class or school job (e.g. Class Secretary), participate in facility maintenance, and agree to fundraise a minimum of $175-275 during the school year depending on the number of children enrolled.

Do you run background checks on parents and caregivers working in the classroom?

Yes. The PNA runs a national background check for all of their staff (that includes our teachers and parent educators) and any volunteers who work with children and/or seniors. As workers in the BPC classrooms, we are PNA volunteers.

All parents and caregivers (ie: grandparents, nannies, etc.) working in the classroom will be required to have a background check completed.

Are there vaccination requirements for parents and caregivers?

Yes. Ballard Preschool Co-op requires proof of MMR and full COVID-19 vaccination (including boosters) for all in-class working caregivers and teaching staff. For caregivers working in the infants class, an up-to-date Tdap vaccination is also required.

COVID-19 vaccinations are highly recommended for children ages 6 months and up, but not required.

Even though adults in the classroom are only required to show proof of one booster, vaccinated adults and children are strongly encouraged to stay up-to-date with all recommended boosters.

Are there masking requirements for the classroom?

Masking is optional in the classroom, unless the COVID-19 Community Level changes.

What happens if we have a known exposure to Covid-19?

If a child has a known exposure to COVID-19 and cannot reliably wear a well-fitting mask, families are asked to keep their child home for the five-day period following the known exposure date and monitor the child for symptoms of COVID-19.

Prior to returning to class, the child should test negative for COVID-19. Once back, the child should wear a mask as reliably as possible while attending any BPC classes during an additional five-day period following their home isolation.

How do we join?

Our program is popular and waiting lists can be long. If you feel this would be a good match for your family, contact us as soon as possible. Please email the BPC All-School Registrar or fill out our pre-registration form for more information. We welcome children of every nationality, race, creed, and background.

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