Social Services Programs

Driving Positive Change through Affordable Social Services

The PNA is dedicated to catalyzing positive change in our community. We aim to facilitate this transformation by providing free or highly affordable social services.

Hot Meal Program: Nourishing Our Community for More Than 40 Years

For the past four decades, the Hot Meal Program has been a cornerstone of PNA’s community outreach efforts. This vital service is extended to under resourced individuals and offers a home-made three-course lunch or dinner. Additionally, the Hot Meal Program provides free clothing, hygiene resources, and access to physical therapy. It serves as a safe and non-judgmental space where individuals can enjoy a warm meal and connect with others in our community.

Support Groups for All Ages and Needs

The PNA hosts a variety of support groups, including health, memory care, grieving, and the challenges of living alone. These support groups are typically free of charge and welcome participants of all age groups. We invite you to connect with like-minded individuals, seek the support you require, find solace in the shared experiences of others, and grow together.

Explore Our Comprehensive Social Services

Discover the array of social services provided by PNA below.

Social Services We Offer

To access our social services or to offer a social service, kindly contact Bernadette at gro.r1716257965etnec1716257965yenni1716257965hp@pe1716257965tteda1716257965nreb1716257965.

Food Access

Enjoy a warm meal with Our Hot Meal Program. Discover urgent food access through our Hot Meal Program, offering both lunch and dinner services three days a week.

Obtaining ID Cards

Streamlined assistance for replacing ID Cards. Let us assist you in navigating the complex process and paperwork required to obtain a new ID card.

Receiving Social Security

Navigating the system to receive social security. We specialize in helping you navigate the intricacies of the system, ensuring you receive the social security benefits you need.


Find referrals and simplify housing applications. Our team can guide you to housing services, providing valuable referrals and assistance with housing applications.

Bus Tickets

Free transportation support. Take advantage of our free bus tickets available three times a week during lunch or dinner at our Hot Meal Program.

Medicare and Medicaid Checks

Simplified enrollment. Let us help you navigate the system to secure your Medicare and Medicaid Checks, if you qualify.

Memory Care

Empowering support through The Gathering Place. Explore The Gathering Place, PNA’s Memory Loss Program, offering a wide array of support groups, programs, and opportunities for individuals and caregivers. Discover the support you need and grow together on your journey to manage memory loss.

Individual Casework

Tailored case management for your unique needs. Receive personalized case management services for your specific circumstances, along with access to essential resources like hygiene assistance.

PNA’s Social Workers

Bernadette P

Social Service Engagement Manager

Kristen Oshyn

Memory Loss Program Director

Lisa Bakke

Geriatric Therapeutic Consultant

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