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Phinney Center & Administration

Phone: 206.783.2244 (all Phinney Center staff)
General inquiry email: [email protected]

Executive Director

Lee Harper |  [email protected]

Membership – individuals, households & businesses

Alex Gramps, Membership Manager | [email protected]
Chris Maykut, Business Member Coordinator | [email protected]

Room Rentals

Georgette Semroc | [email protected]
Angela White | [email protected]


LeAnne Chow, Volunteer Program Manager | [email protected]

Tool Library, King County Seed Library, Fixers Collective, home repair referrals

Elliot Scher, Tool Library Coordinator | [email protected] (see hours)


Megan Wildenradt, Development Director | [email protected]


Chardell Paine, Events Manager | [email protected]
Jessie Hammer, Winter Festival & Events Coordinator | [email protected]
Mary Campbell, Auction Coordinator | [email protected]g

Marketing, Communications & Website

Ana Maria King, Marketing Director | [email protected] | website feedback

Hot Meal Program

Laura Silverstein, Associate Director | [email protected]

Art Gallery

Megan Wildenradt, Development Director | [email protected]

The Review Newspaper

Ana Maria King, Editor | [email protected]
Ruth MacDonald, Advertising | [email protected]


Eric Jusino, Facilites Director | [email protected]


Greenwood Senior Center

Phone:  206.297.0875
General inquiry email: [email protected]
Program page

Senior Programs Director

Cecily Kaplan | [email protected]

Programs and classes

Ariel Burnett, GSC Program Coordinator | [email protected]

Memory Loss Programming

Erika Merz, Memory Loss Programs Coordinator | [email protected]

Social Worker

Cain Mack, Social Worker and Memory Loss Programs Director | [email protected], 206.230.0166


LeAnne Chow, Volunteer Program Manager | [email protected]


PNA Village

Phone: 206.789.1217
General inquiry email  | [email protected]
Program homepage

Village Director, Membership

Riana Nolet, PNA Village Director | [email protected]


Rebecca Fogarty, PNA Village Program Coordinator | [email protected]


Whittier Kids

Phone: 206.782.2508
General inquiry email | [email protected]
Program homepage

Whittier Kids Director

Cindy Lewan | [email protected]


Lori Engdahl, Whittier Kids Registrar | [email protected]


Preschool Co-ops

Ballard Preschool Co-op

General inquiry email | [email protected]
Program homepage

Phinney Cooperativa Preescolar en Espanol (PCPE)

206.783.2244 | [email protected]
Website (Spanish/English)

Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co-Op (PNPC)

206.669.5056 | [email protected]
Program homepage

Tampopo Japanese Preschool Co-op

General inquiry email | [email protected]
Program homepage
Website (Japanese)