As our name suggests, we are a cooperative preschool located in the Ballard neighborhood of Northwest Seattle. We offer part-time preschool classes for young learners ages 0-5.  

What’s a Cooperative Preschool?

As a cooperative (or “co-op”) preschool, each classroom is led by a teacher and supported by a parent educator, with parents or caregivers serving as co-teachers. This structure provides a high adult-to-child ratio, allowing for increased one-on-one engagement. 

The co-op model creates not only a rich learning environment for children but also supports families in their parenting journey. Children receive the benefit of cooperative classroom education, led by a staff of experienced early education teachers. Parents benefit from the instruction and guidance of parent educators, as well as an active community of families with young children.

As a program of the Phinney Neighborhood Association, BPC is a community resource for families in Ballard and the surrounding neighborhoods. The program is almost entirely volunteer run, making it an affordable neighborhood preschool.

Our Mission

Ballard Preschool Co-op is a vibrant, community-based cooperative preschool that fosters the social, emotional, physical, and mental development of young children through play-based, structured learning. Our nurturing and connected community supports not just our students, but their parents and caregivers as well as they learn and grow side by side.

Our Goals

  • Create a safe, supportive, fun, and stimulating environment that encourages the social, emotional, physical, and mental development of young children through creative classroom and outdoor play.
  • Nurture each child’s sense of accomplishment and personal growth.
  • Encourage families to share their unique talents, interests, and experiences in ways that enhance their child’s class, as well as the larger preschool community.
  • Provide opportunities for parents and caregivers to participate in their child’s first educational experience, working closely with teachers, parent educators, and each other to learn about child development and behavior, as well as parenting.
  • Foster a sense of community, support, and belonging for all those involved in the preschool.

What’s new at the Ballard Preschool Co-op?

2022-2023 Enrollment
Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is now open! See the Enrollment and Tuition pages for 2022-2023 tuition rates and registration information.  We recommend that interested families fill out our pre-registration form as soon as possible, as classes and waitlists are filling quickly.