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In spring and summer of 2022, the PNA set out to learn what would make NW Seattle feel more connected, inclusive, and healthy. As our community is changing and growing, we asked ourselves, how should we grow and change with it? Does it make sense to connect with our community in the same ways? We wanted to test our assumptions and make sure we understand current community needs and see what’s working.

We partnered with local design firm Mithun to create the Northwest Seattle Community Survey, which included several engagement methods: a widespread online survey, a community advisory group, conversations with service providers and PNA staff, a community meeting, and an analysis of existing local data. Thank you to everyone who participated and took the survey!

Reaching our diverse NW Seattle community

For the online survey and the advisory group, we reached out to people who live in, work in, go to school in, and visit NW Seattle. We conducted outreach, not just in PhinneyWood, but in all of NW Seattle—from Ballard to Broadview—so that the survey’s results could reflect the diversity of the community. The online survey has an overwhelming 2047 responses, reflecting a diversity of demographics, perspectives, and life experiences.

Looking at quality of life in NW Seattle

The PNA focused on factors that contribute to quality of life, as well as areas where the PNA is already working or could make an impact. Conversations and survey questions centered on four themes:

  • Housing
  • Essential services
  • Business and employment
  • Social connections

Discovering the priorities of our community

Taken together as a whole, the Community Survey results, conversations, and findings identified these top issues for NW Seattle:

  • Increase housing stability
  • Improve food access and cost
  • Support access to healthcare
  • Increase successful employment and living wages
  • Reduce social isolation and increase inclusion of marginalized groups

Connecting Into the Future

The PNA believes that bringing people together creates a strong community. Our survey helped illustrate the areas in which people are thriving and where they are struggling in NW Seattle.

Our next steps are to determine where the PNA can make an impact, either through our own work or through partnerships. We want to use our strength as a community builder and connector to reach more of our community, especially people who are struggling or feel like they don’t belong. Our vision is to help build a caring and connected community in NW Seattle. These are our strategic priorities coming out of the survey:

Create belonging

Our work focuses on supporting diversity, equity and inclusion within our community and is core to our always-on commitment to fostering an environment where everyone belongs.

Grow with Partnerships

We are a vital community hub that increases our reach and impact – as well as that of others – by developing, growing and leading with creative partnerships.

Connect People

Creating meaningful connections is not one-size-fits-all. Connection means different things to different people, and the PNA is committed to engaging the individual – where they are – with the greater community.

Drive Positive Social Change

Through our work, we intentionally use our voice to amplify our values with the goal of driving positive social change in our community.





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