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Strategic Living

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Strategic Living, LLC provides personal safety and self-defense training in the Seattle area.  We specialize in small, comprehensive, and customized classes for women, teen girls, and children.

Our program is based in an empowerment approach.  This means the skills and information will encourage participants to expand their lives and do more of what they want (i.e., travel or take night classes).  Participant will come away with tools with which to recognize real threats and take steps to assess and deal with them.  Our approach is evidence-based, on what has been shown to most often work, and is adaptable for different life stages and abilities.

A critical precept of our program is that those targeted for assault did not “ask for it.”  Nobody asks to be attacked.  Ever.

Each program has four components:

  1. Recognizing the “red flags” that someone may mean harm;
  2. Using one’s voice, body language, and feet to evade, deter, and thwart harm;
  3. Simple yet highly effective physical fighting skills in case the above isn’t successful; and
  4. Self-care strategies to mitigate the emotional trauma of assault.

We are a woman-owned business, and classes are taught by women instructors.