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Wire Free Sky

Contact: Betsy Czark
Work Phone: (425) 341-3540. Website: Website


Photo of Wire Free Sky

Our spectacular Seattle views are gradually being choked off by an oppressive tangle of ugly, black, overhead wires.

Perhaps, Seattle Magazine can use photoshop to “disappear” all of the wires out of our Seattle Skyline. Unfortunately, those of us who live here cannot simply “photoshop” all the overhead “wire pollution” out of our daily lives.

The number of wires and cables has proliferated, in step with the number of new providers and new technologies for the Internet, television, and telephones. Over time, most of our homes have had 2, 3, 4, or even 5 wires installed from the street to the house.

Giant telecom companies that were “absorbed” by even bigger, newer companies have left wires installed by the previous provider, as well as their own outdated wires hanging all over our homes and neighborhoods.

By letting us remove these unneeded wires, you are not only improving your views but your neighbor’s views. Over time, as we eliminate all these abandoned, ugly, black wires, Seattle’s skyline will no longer need photo-shopping in order to look beautiful again. Our beautiful city will look young again.