Humanities WA Talk: The Trickster in Politics and Culture

March 6

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm


Greenwood Senior Center

525 N. 85th St., Seattle, WA, 98103, United States

What do Loki, Banksy, Bugs Bunny, Thelonious Monk, Mae West, Yoko Ono, Raven, Eshù Elégba, and Muhammad Ali all have in common? Whether deity or human, all bring Trickster magic to our world. The Trickster, a character who animates and enlivens humanity’s oldest stories, is frequently misunderstood. Wander with author Shepherd Siegel through the paradoxes, art, tricks, backfires, pranks, pratfalls, and messianic acts that together form this indestructible component of our collective psyche.  

Shepherd Siegel is an author and activist. He earned his doctorate at University of California, Berkeley, with studies in anthropology and special education. He is the author of “Disruptive Play” and “Tricking Power into Performing Acts of Love.” RSVP: 206.297.0875. Sponsored by Humanities Washington. 

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