Art Walk


Come out for art and eats in the neighborhood during the PhinneyWood Art Walk in September! Enjoy local art of all types: photography, sculpture, collage, oils, watercolors, prints, glass, metal and fiber art, ceramics, and mixed media.

The weekend will be more than a gallery walk, it’s a neighborhood party with music and performances at participating businesses, in addition to artist showcases. In the spirit of the art walk theme “Art Up, Chow Down,” many restaurants and pubs offer music or menu specials.


Event Schedule

September 13, 2024, 6-9 pm
September 14, 2024, 12-5 pm
Phinney Center & Greenwood Businesses
6532 Phinney Ave. N.

Participating Artists & Venues

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Coming Soon

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Event Sponsors

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Coming Soon

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Volunteer for Art Walk

Interested in helping out? Available volunteer opportunities for this event are displayed in this section.

Visit our Volunteer page to learn more about how you can volunteer at the PNA.

There are currently no opportunities for this event. Please check back later.

Art Walk Posters

Each original art poster for the PhinneyWood Art Walk has been created by award-winning graphic artist, Robynne Raye of Modern Dog Design. Her posters have been exhibited internationally, are in the archives of major libraries, and are collected by museums worldwide. Check out some of Robynne’s amazing PhinneyWood Art Walk posters in the gallery below and on her website!

“The Art Walk Poster is designed to make people smile,” said Robynne. “I want viewers to stop what they are doing, approach the poster, and take a closer look. Then I know it’s a success.”

PhinneyWood Art Walk 2023 posters 

Posters from 2023 and some other past years are available for purchase at the Phinney Center Blue Building for $25 each. We accept credit or check as payment, and proceeds benefit our work in the community. They are screen printed locally by Independence Printage. Contact Mary Campbell (gro.r1712932121etnec1712932121yenni1712932121hp@cy1712932121ram1712932121) to purchase.

Art Walk Poster Archive

Contact Information

For any further inquiries or questions, please contact us at gro.r1712932121etnec1712932121yenni1712932121hp@cy1712932121ram1712932121.
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