Business Spotlight: Fresh Flours

Business Spotlight: Fresh Flours
By ana-maria

The Fresh Flours gang

Fresh Flours opened in 2005, after founders Etsuko and Keiji moved to Seattle from the East Coast to fulfill their dream of starting a bakery that combined Japanese flavors with European techniques. The bakery and coffee shop has flourished and now has four locations around Seattle, including the Phinney Ridge location.

General manager Geoff Fluegel has been working at Fresh Flours for about 7 years. Before coming to Seattle, Geoff had opened his own coffee shop in his hometown and either managed, designed, or opened a variety of food co-ops and an organic grocery store. Geoff is passionate about building a richer community through his role at the café. He says, “the joy of community gathering places has always been one of my most vibrant attractions,” and that comes through the moment you walk into the shop.

Barista Katie has been at Fresh Flours for about 4 years. She says, “I love seeing the same people every day; it makes me feel really connected to the community.” Meg, who has been working at Fresh Flours for 2 years, says she loves the opportunity to brighten people’s days when they come in. “Everyone who walks in the door is a new friend,” she says.

Some Fridays throughout the Summer, the team holds informal community kickball games at the park near the store. Look for signs in the shop for game details!


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Originally published in PNA’s The Review, Summer 2018
by Alex Gramps, photo by Chris Maykut