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We’re the PNA. The Phinney Center is our headquarters and home to the Blue and Brick Buildings. The Greenwood Senior Center is our second campus and we offer programs at three other sites in Northwest Seattle.

Our mission is to build, engage, and support our diverse community through programs, services, and activities that connect neighbors and foster civic engagement.

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Arts & culture, food & drink, 1000+ events & classes annually.


Borrow 3000+ tools, repair broken items, use our woodshop.


Connections, networking, promotion, rental space.


Daily activities, daily lunch, suport groups, aging-at-home, memory loss.


Pre-school, after-school, co-ops, summer camps.

Adults sitting around the table listening to one person talking while one person is taking notes.

Social Services

Resources, referrals, individualized casework, support groups.

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