Legacy Donation

Leave a Legacy

Remembering the PNA in your will or trust is one of the most enduring statements you can make about your belief in our programs and commitment to the PhinneyWood community we serve. The support you have offered during your lifetime can continue for years to come.

It’s tempting to put planning on hold but here’s the thing…life doesn’t wait. Loose ends can lead to future stress and unintended decisions. Have you ever considered making a planned gift? A planned gift is any gift, made in lifetime or at death as part of your overall financial and/or estate planning. It’s a powerful way to make a gift to the PNA that continues positively impacting our programs and community, while also realizing tax benefits for your kindness. You can give cash, securities, or other assets which could be set up at a specific timeframe or made in a will.

There are several ways you and your family can be mindful when creating a Qualified Charitable Distribution or Estate Plan that gives you the opportunity to record your values and make sure your wishes are followed.

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To learn more about the PNA’s Planned Giving and Legacy Donation options, please contact Christi Beckley, at gro.r1721075489etnec1721075489yenni1721075489hp@bi1721075489tsirh1721075489c1721075489

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