Film about Living with Memory Loss

Out of the desire to be advocates, members of The Gathering Place program who are living with memory loss, chose to create this short documentary, Living with Memory Loss: In Our Own Words.

Memory loss currently carries immense stigma, fear and shame, so they wanted to share some more holistic narratives about their experiences. It is powerful to hear the voices and wisdom of people living with memory loss and we hope that their fiercely open-hearted, humorous and hopeful messages have a positive impact.

This 16-minute film is freely available for anyone to watch and share widely in their communities.

We have a few questions we ask only so we can have a sense of how the film is being used and to create more opportunity for those who want to connect and strengthen our networks in the memory loss community.

It's Hard, but we'll get through it.


Short version

We also edited the film to a a 5-minute, shareable social media-friendly version to help spread the message more widely: