Kids & Seniors Pen Pal Project

Calling all older adults and parents of kiddos! Want to receive some fun letters in the mail and help kids learn the craft of communicating via snail mail? Join our pen pal project!

Kids practice their penmanship, communication skills, and how to address an envelope. Kids and seniors both get to make a new friend. And who doesn’t love a handwritten note in the mail?

Are you a teen and this sounds fun? Sign up to be paired with a senior and share your life’s COVID adventures.

Here’s how it works:

  • Kids and seniors will sign up and get matched with their own pen pals. We’ll email you  (or call if you don’t have email)  you with your Pen Pal’s name
  • Letters will be exchanged via the Phinney Center address (for privacy and safety); we’ll forward them on. (You can choose later to mail directly if you wish.)
  • We’ll even provide writing prompts via email
  • We may even have a “meet party” when this is all over!

Know an elder neighbor or relative who would want to participate? Please share!

Big thanks to the folks from the Greenwood Branch of The Seattle Public Library, who are partnering with us to bring this project to life!

Hey kids and parents!

We have a lot more kid sign-ups than seniors. If you would be open to writing to another kid, please let us know on the form where indicated. Thanks!

(top) older man reading a mail piece; (bottom) young boy writing with a marker

Sign up!

  • (We are receiving a lot more kid sign-ups than seniors!)
  • If you choose "No," your mail will be routed through the PNA. If you choose "Yes", you accept the responsibility for any consequences from the sharing of your personal information. Thank you!


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