The Review

Our quarterly newspaper brings you community-centered stories from PNA and around PhinneyWood.

About The Review

The Review is published by PNA four times per year. It includes human interest stories, articles on issues affecting our neighborhood, information on local businesses, as well as events, programs, and classes at the Phinney Center and Greenwood Senior Center.

The Review has a circulation of 20,000, with 19,500 mailed directly to PNA members and all residents in Phinney/Greenwood. You can also pick it up at the Phinney Center, the Greenwood Senior Center and local libraries.

The cover of the Review, featuring a collage of pictures of smiling people

Supporting The Review (and the PNA!)

To submit a story idea, contact editor Ana Maria King at [email protected]. For advertising, contact Ruthie MacDonald at [email protected]. PNA Business Members receive an additional 10% discount on all Review ads!

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