PNA Village

The PNA Village Program is leading the revolution to change aging! Elders contribute to the social capital that holds communities together. Our purpose is to create a strong and active intergenerational community that reimagines aging by offering elders opportunities combined with support to fully engage in this next phase of life.

The Village provides a network of support including volunteer services, trusted business referrals, and social engagement. This framework empowers people to remain in the homes and neighborhoods they love while staying active and engaged as they age.

We are an intergenerational community for ALL ages. If you are at a point in your life where you could use some extra assistance, become a full member. If you are able to assist others, or want to participate in shaping the program, volunteer. If you want to support the future of this program, join as a builder member.

Providing a Framework for

Aging Dynamically in Community


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