PNA Village Leadership


PNA Village Staff

Riana Nolet

PNA Village Director Riana Nolet was born right here in Phinney Ridge and is thrilled to be working with the PNA Village. Outside of work and chasing around her two little ones, she enjoys live music, dancing, yoga, discovering new restaurants, and really anything that involves spending quality time with people. Email Riana at  [email protected].


Village Program Manager, Rebecca Fogarty, is originally from middle-of-nowhere Virginia but has lived in PhinneyWood for the past 9 years.  She loves everything about this neighborhood and is excited to have a greater impact in it.  She has fun going on vacations, eating out, and beating her family at board games.  Please email Rebecca at [email protected] with questions about volunteer opportunities with the Village.

image of Alethea Alexander, PNA Village Program Assistant

Village Program Coordinator, Alethea Alexander, grew up in Bellingham, Washington, and has made Seattle her home on-and-off for the last 13 years.  She is a dancer by trade and education, and enjoys cycling (spot her in her teal helmet, pumping up 83rd from Green Lake on her way to work in the morning!), learning new skills, ice cream and all other decadent desserts, reading, crosswords, and celebrating human eccentricities through talking with folks. Please email Alethea at [email protected] with questions about Village events, new and existing memberships, and ongoing Village programming.

Village Advisory Council

The Village Advisory Council is the vision and voice of the Village community. Council members provide guidance, feedback and inspiration to staff on the strategic direction of the Village program. Each committee member is responsible for attending quarterly meetings, offering input and advice, and staying up to date on what’s happening in the PNA Village Program. Meetings are quarterly on the 4th Wednesday, 12 PM (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct), in member homes or via Zoom.

  • Cecile Andrews
  • Jean-Loup Baer
  • Jan Gray
  • Mary Ellen Olander
  • Alex O’Reilly
  • Kavan Peterson
  • Donald Swisher
  • Helen Wattley-Ames

Program Committees

Program Committees carry out work that is essential to the ongoing function of the Village Program.

Business Vetting Committee
Meets 1st Thursdays at 11 AM, via Zoom
The Business Vetting Committee helps members find trusted vendors that we recommend for our specific community of seniors. The committee researches local vendors via internet searches and the Puget Sound Consumer Checkbook, and consolidates well-reviewed and licensed businesses for distribution to our members. Each committee member is responsible for attending monthly meetings, updating existing lists of vetted vendors from our 12 categories, and takes on researching previously un-vetted categories on a rotating basis, as requested by members.

Connections Committee
Meets 1st Tuesdays at 2 PM, via Zoom
The Connections Committee works to increase social connections—and combat isolation—for Village members. When someone new joins the Village, the Connections Committee reaches out to them and maintains personal connection for the first six months of their membership, learning about them and helping them to take advantage of the Village’s social programs and resources. Each committee member is responsible for attending monthly meetings, and for sustaining 6-month repeated connections with new members (no more than 2 at any time). Folks who have a history in social services, nursing, tech support or other community infrastructure are encouraged to participate in this committee.

Marketing Committee
Currently no set schedule, will meet via Zoom
The Marketing Committee increases Village visibility within our neighborhood. Members from this committee attend community events and show-off the fun, intergenerational, and supportive spirit of the PNA Village. Members are responsible for attending committee meetings, suggesting community events for the committee to attend, designing and brainstorming visible marketing materials such as t-shirts, banners, signs and more, and having fun together at community events!

Newsletter Committee
Meets Quarterly via Zoom, meetings are scheduled over email
The purpose of the Newsletter Committee is to produce a quarterly newsletter for Village members. To that end, committee members meet once each quarter to decide on articles for the next issue and to make assignments for writing the articles. Each edition is edited, formatted, and then distributed to members either electronically or by mail.

Social Committee
Meets 3rd Thursdays at 11 AM, via Zoom
The Social Committee helps sustain the community connection mission of the Village. Members of this committee suggest, plan and execute fun monthly social events for our community, in tandem with Village staff. Each committee member is responsible for attending monthly meetings, suggesting creative event ideas, and for showing up to Village social events as representatives of the Village and planning committee; this might include greeting guests, helping new members feel welcome, setting up tables and food, hosting events and organizing groups.

Volunteer Committee
Meets 3rd Tuesdays 11 AM, via Zoom
The Volunteer Committee supports the volunteer program of the PNA Village. In coordination with PNA Village staff, we help with recruitment events, volunteer appreciation, volunteer support, monitoring member needs, and outreach. Members attend monthly meetings, assist with volunteer trainings and other events, and help with vehicle inspections for driver volunteers. Committee members must be active Village volunteers.