The Village Movement

The Village Movement is a burgeoning, world-wide movement that champions an alternative approach for adults as they grow older. Villages are unique in that they are created by and for older adults, empowering their members to make wise, safe, and vibrant choices about how they wish to live.

The very first Village began as a grassroots effort in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts in 2002. Community members in Beacon Hill wanted to stay in their homes while also getting access to support and resources as their abilities and needs changed with age, and custom-built the first Village to fill their needs.

Now there are more than 180 Villages operating across the United States, Australia and the Netherlands. Over 200 additional Villages are currently in development.

To learn more about the national village movement and see an interactive map of Villages in all stages of development, visit the Village to Village Network website.

No two villages are alike; each village develops its own community. However, most villages are non-profit membership organizations providing three core benefits: a network of volunteers, information and referrals to vetted businesses, and social activities.