Community Woodshop

The PNA Community Woodshop is a space that builds and supports a broad community of fabrication and woodworking. We welcome members who are enthusiastic about learning, teaching, sharing, and inspiring one another with creativity, skill, and community service. Read the history of the shop > 

How it works

Experienced Woodworkers:

To use the Woodshop, you must be an experienced woodworker who is able to work safely and independently. You must first attend and pass the Shop Safety Certification class and be a PNA member. See the checklist below for all the shop requirements.

To facilitate a safe and collaborative environment, the shop will always be staffed with a volunteer Shop Steward.

Cost: $15 an hour, in 2-hour increments (open shop time is available to shop-certified PNA members).

New woodworkers:

If you are new to woodworking, we offer basic woodworking classes throughout the year as well as project-based classes. Please see our class page.

How to use the woodshop: Checklist

(NOTE:  No open woodshop time is available due to a lack of volunteer shop stewards. Learn about volunteering and sign up!)

Steps to using the woodshop (available to experienced woodworkers only):

    1. Become a PNA Member (or confirm your current membership by calling 206.783.2244 or emailing [email protected].)


    1. Get certified: Attend the Shop Safety Certification class: and successfully pass the in-class competency test. The class will cover the safe use of the following stationary equipment: Band Saw, Belt Sander, Disc Sander, Drill Press, Jointer, Miter Saw, Panel Saw, Planer, Spindle Sander, Router/Table, and Table Saw. Prior experience with all of these pieces of equipment is mandatory to attend the class. Read the Shop Safety Training Manual that will be referenced in class. Sign up for the certification class.


    1. Sign the liability waiver agreement and the code of conduct agreement (bring to class – forms also available in shop)


  1. Reserve shop time (you must have passed the certification class to reserve time) Shop time is unavailable right now due to a lack of volunteers. Learn more and sign up to volunteer!

Shop Hours

Saturdays, 9 am to 1 pm (excluding holiday weekends). By reservation only.
Check back for additional hours (volunteers needed! See below for opportunities)


Do you love woodworking and inspiring people to create? We would love to have you as a volunteer! Volunteers receive 1 hour of free shop time per every 3 hours volunteered.

  • Shop Steward: Supervise shop users during open hours with a focus on safety and correct use of equipment and tools
  • Shop Renovator: Short-term shop projects such as building workbenches, painting walls, repairing tools
  • Class Instructor: Share your knowledge and creativity with shop users

To sign up to volunteer or get more information, contact LeAnne Chow, Volunteer Manager, at[email protected] or 206.784.2244

woman standing holding a piece of wood

Man in goggles using a table saw

Man showing a woman a table saw

three people working in a room with tables and tools

three women making stools