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Whittier Kids Preschool is…

Our Philosophy in a Nutshell

We believe that play is the most natural, relevant, and effectual way for young children to engage in learning. Play at Whittier Kids Preschool may be child led, teacher led, structured or unstructured; all types create learning opportunities.

We believe in a holistic learning model that supports learning and development in all domains; social, emotional, cognitive, academic and physical. Teachers present environments and activities that are consciously designed to address these domains through opportunities to explore literacy, science, math, art, music, social studies, and physical education.

We believe in the value of the PNA to build and support a strong community of actively engaged individuals.

 Philosophy + Community = Curriculum

Our team of experienced, educated and passionate early childhood teachers uses their understanding of needs within their classroom community combined with our program philosophy to develop a uniquely engaging and relevant curriculum.

Some other tools we use to enhance and guide our curriculum development are:


At Whittier Kids Preschool we strive to build a fun and enriching community for and by our children in which they are empowered to participate and thrive. We invite and encourage parents and other family members to actively participate as well. There is a wealth of research and common sense that tells us that your positive participation in your child’s school community is linked to more successful outcomes for your child in school and in life.

We do our best to provide a multitude of opportunities for families to get involved. Some of the many examples are: quarterly parent-teacher conferences, family café nights, volunteering in the classroom, weekend work-parties, ice cream socials, classroom celebrations, annual art shows, donating supplies, kindergarten information night, and connections to opportunities at the PNA.