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The PNA has several rooms we make available for hourly rentals. On any given day, our buildings are humming with the comings and goings of several groups and individuals using our spaces to gather, learn, meet, dance, sing, play music, exercise, rehearse and practice. We have rooms available for one-time activities to groups meeting weekly or monthly to yearlong tenants 


Below is a searchable listing of the renters who use our spaces on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) at the Phinney Center. Please reach out to individual renters for specific information about how to join them. 

Mindful Matters Yoga

Weekly yoga classes that focus on strength in heart, mind and body. Intentional and slow movement coupled with mindfulness and meditation practices, intended to bring harmony into all aspects of your being,

Needle & I Quilt Guild

Quilt guild that meets to share inspiration, ideas and tips and tricks for quilting. We participate in some group projects and charity donations.

New Beginnings

Alcoholics Anonymous women’s meeting

NOI Bimbi Italian Classes for kids

Il Punto's NOI (Not an Ordinary Italian) Program, taught by native speakers, immerses children from toddler to 12 in the Italian language through an engaging environment of play and conversation. Three class levels — Cubs, Koala, and Panda — range from absolute beginners to proficient Italian speakers ready to work on the finer points of grammar and composition.

Nordic Dance Class, Skandia Folkdance Society

These classes introduce people to the lovely couple turning dances of the Nordic countries. These include waltz, hambo, schottis, mixers, and other dances. This is a good way to learn dance skills useful for many couple dances while having fun with a friendly group. Beginners, advanced dancers, singles, and couples are welcome. We change partners frequently and anybody can do either role.
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Northwest Basket Weavers, Vi Phillips Guild

Our purpose is to preserve and promote the art of basket weaving through our workshops, retreat and monthly meetings featuring basket weavers and social exchange.
Northwest Editors Guild

Northwest Editors Guild

The Northwest Editors Guild connects clients with professional editors of the written word in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We also foster community among our members and provide resources for their career development.

OCD support group

Caring and compassionate support group for those suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, facilitated by a licensed mental health therapist. It meets 8 weeks per session and is held quarterly. Pre registration is required. Educational, supportive and fun! The last night I buy everyone pizza and we play OCD jeopardy for big prizes.
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Orca Children’s Center

Orca Children’s Center

We are an Early Learning, Licensed Preschool/Childcare for ages 18 months through5 years. We provide a developmentally, appropriate Education in a warm and nurturing environment. We encourage and promote problem solving skills, communication skills, independence, socialization skills, curiosity and discovery.
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Parkour and SEL with Kong Academy

"Parkour for Social and Emotional Growth" blends the fun of Parkour with Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Children develop self-awareness, resilience, teamwork, and decision-making skills through dynamic movement. Our inclusive sessions enhance confidence, empathy, and cooperation as kids learn to navigate obstacles both physically and emotionally. Tailored for all skill levels, our approach fosters individual growth and collective learning, preparing children to leap over life's hurdles with grace and strength.
Patrick Howe: Oil Painting Classes

Patrick Howe: Oil Painting Classes

Learn to Paint Lots of Things:
Explore a variety of subject matter including landscapes, still lifes, urban scenes and more.
The bare-bones beginner learns the foundational principles of realism and Impressionism. We will explore techniques, color theory and composition. Intermediate students receive instruction suitable for their level of experience.

Phinney Community Contra Dance Bands

If you’d like to learn the ins and outs of playing for dancers, or if you’re an experienced dance musician looking for a big band with multipart harmony arrangements, we’ve got a band for you! The two band classes (taught by Sarah Comer) meet on alternating Thursdays at PNA to rehearse for dances throughout the year. Visit the website to learn more!
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Phinney Neighborhood Community Chorus

A no-audition, a cappella chorus where you can let your heart sing! Learn songs from different cultures, experience a dynamic group process, and grow musically in a non-threatening atmosphere of carefully planned rehearsals culminating in fun and festive performances. All levels of experience welcome. Going strong since 1998!
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Puget Sound Bonsai Association study group

We are a small subset of the PSBA meeting to practice and improve our skills as bonsai artists.
Ravenna Strings

Ravenna Strings

Our mission is to provide string players at all levels (over age 13) a welcoming, low-pressure opportunity to make music with wonderful people and explore great repertoire. We're perfect for musicians wanting to keep up their skills or get back into playing after taking some time off.

Rekindle School

We offer fun, affordable not-for-credit classes in acting, filmmaking, voice over, cartooning, drawing and stand-up comedy. Most of our classes are for adults; some are also open to kids and teenagers.

Salmon Bay Friends Meeting

Salmon Bay Friends Meeting is a Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) that gathers in silent, un-programmed worship, meaning that we have no minister to conduct services and no creed to which members are expected to subscribe. Our faith and practice is centered on the belief that there is that of God in everyone. Our Meetings and activities are always open to visitors, and we joyfully welcome children.
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Science Fiction and Society Book Club

Join us for monthly discussions of science fiction and speculative fiction books with a focus on what these works have to say about our own society. Anyone with an appreciation for these worlds is welcome!

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6532 Phinney Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103



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