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The PNA has several rooms we make available for hourly rentals. On any given day, our buildings are humming with the comings and goings of several groups and individuals using our spaces to gather, learn, meet, dance, sing, play music, exercise, rehearse and practice. We have rooms available for one-time activities to groups meeting weekly or monthly to yearlong tenants 


Below is a searchable listing of the renters who use our spaces on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) at the Phinney Center. Please reach out to individual renters for specific information about how to join them. 

Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing

We teach the steps, formations and dances of Scottish country dancing. All ages and abilities are welcome. Partners are not needed.
Seattle Folklore Society Concerts

Seattle Folklore Society Concerts

SFS is proud to be celebrating 20+ years of partnering with the Phinney Center! We present a wide variety of contemporary and traditional folk and acoustic music accessible for all ages. Most concerts are held in the Phinney Center Community Hall on Saturday nights, mid-September through May. Ticket discounts are available for members of the PNA, students, and seniors, with a special youth price for 17 & under. Volunteers are welcomed!
Seattle Go Center

Seattle Go Center

Seattle Go Center is a 501c3 public charity with a mission to promote educational exchanges between persons of different cultural backgrounds, including but not limited to promoting, teaching, practicing, and competing in the game of Go (igo in Japanese, baduk in Korean, weichi in Chinese).
Go is a strategic board game that is a few thousand years old and still played in its original form. Nearly 30 years after computers could beat human chess masters, finally new AI techniques allowed computers to beat a human Go master. Multiple studies show Go to be one of the best neural elasticity and brain training endeavors for aging brains. It is ranked with learning a new language.
BUT, Go has at its core 5 simple rules, and you can learn the basics of the game in a few minutes to one hour. From there it is endless wonder and fascination that awaits you. Please see our website for open hours ( lists our regular schedule) and stop by to check out the game of Go.
Seattle Historical Arts for Kids

Seattle Historical Arts for Kids

Seattle Historical Arts for Kids is a place where young people gain community, skill, and an insiders' experience of the past through music and related arts of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras. Introducing children and teens to participatory 12th-18th century historical arts since 2005, SHAK presents year-round chamber music ensembles, theatrical projects, weekly historical fencing classes, and a variety of performing and non-performing historical arts workshops.
Seattle Jazzercise

Seattle Jazzercise

In NW Seattle on Phinney Ridge, we offer group fitness classes for all levels. We incorporate dance cardio with strength training to sculpt and tone your muscles in the ultimate full-body workout. Whether you’re looking for physical results or a way to relieve stress and FEEL your best, our instructors will guide you every step of the way! Your membership here is also good for classes with us at Baila District in Ravenna.
PNA Member!

Seattle Junior Tamburitzans

We appreciate, preserve and proagate the Croatian culture by learning to sing, dance, and instrumentally perform programs. We bring the Croatian community together through our performances.

Seattle Professionals BNI

Referral networking organization that is creating success together

Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra

Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (SRJO) is the Pacific Northwest’s premiere big band jazz orchestra. Co-founded in 1995 SRJO is dedicated to preserving and advancing the tradition of large ensemble jazz through performances, educational programs, and collaborations with renowned artists. SRJO is known for its high-quality performances and commitment to free and affordable jazz education in the Greater Seattle area. SRJO performs regularly at the Nordstrom Recital Hall at Benaroya and the Kirkland Performance Center.

Seishukan Karate Seattle

Budo Oriented Adult Karate Class. The focus is on constant improvement of technique through practice of the fundamentals.

Sound and Fury Morris

Sound & Fury Morris & Sword have been dancing around Seattle and the rest of the west coast of North America since the waning days of last century (1999 to be specific). These are dance traditions dating back, well, a long time, from various regions of England. Sound & Fury is proud to bring them to you, residents of the Pacific Northwest! Traditionally, Morris Dance is a community-based activity. It is not a stage-oriented performance (though we don’t usually turn down a stage when offered!). Morris is a street performance tradition, with dancers showing up, often outside a pub, to perform close to their audience. When the performance is over, the dancers will retire to the pub, where their grateful, adoring audience treats them to the finest ales and ciders on tap!
PNA Member!


SpiritPlay is one of Seattle’s diverse InterPlay offerings. This monthly morning series is grounded in the cyclical rhythms and teachings of the Christian tradition, but offers the spontaneity of InterPlay to help folks navigate the wild and whacky, sometimes rocky, humble and holy journey of life. We explore scripture passages & sacred stories, dance through the cycle of seasons, loosen our tongues, sing our souls, and improvise in prayer. Calling all earthly angels – let’s dance, play and pray!
Strategic Living LLC

Strategic Living LLC

Personal safety and self-defense classes. Primarily (though not exclusively) for women, teens, children.
PNA Member!

Summit Assistance Dogs Volunteers Class

Summit Assistance Dogs is a nonprofit organization that creates life-changing partnerships by providing highly-skilled mobility service dogs for people living with disabilities in the Pacific Northwest. Our classes consist of volunteer puppy and dog raisers who help us place more service dogs by providing loving homes, socialization opportunities, training, and care for several months to a year and half of the dog's life.

Sunday Night Speakers AA Group

(206) 587-2838
Weekly 1-hour open speaker-meeting where you can hear the story of a member and their journey to recovery (6:30 - 7:30 pm)
Tampopo Japanese Culture and Education Club 親子教室たんぽぽ

Tampopo Japanese Culture and Education Club 親子教室たんぽぽ

Tampopo Japanese Culture and Education Club (a.k.a. Tampopo) is a group of parents who wants to carry Japanese culture and language to the next generation. All sessions are designed by parents and held in Japanese. Parents and children can learn together through activities like story time, music, physical play, craft and Japanese traditional games. Tampopo also helps children to build social skills for preschool and kindergarten.

The OK Chorale

We are a group of people who love to sing. We sing in four-part harmony, music-readers and non-music readers alike and all levels of experience. Broadway, folk, classical, Beatles, standards, holiday--all kinds of music. Rehearsals are fun and no one gets hurt. We share our music somewhere in the community every quarter.
PNA Member!

West Coast Swing – with Wren &n Scot

3 levels of West Coast Swing on Mondays. 6;30 - Basics (Beginning WCS) 7:30 Beyond Basics 8:30 Advanced Skills & Techniques. No partner needed. All ages welcome.
Yoga with Michal

Yoga with Michal

I teach a whole-body flow, focused on listening to your body and sustainable movement pathways to enliven your awareness. I offer options for a spectrum of bodies and yoga experience. In my 20+ years of teaching, I draw from studies of physiology, dance, being a mom and a researcher.

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6532 Phinney Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103



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