Phinney Center Gallery

The Phinney Center Gallery supports local emerging artists, with rotating shows throughout the year. The art gallery is located upstairs in the Phinney Center. Our gallery shows are advertised to 20,000 local community members and thousands of people visit the Phinney Center each month.

Open hours:

Monday-Friday: 9 am-9 pm
Saturday: 9 am-2 pm

Upcoming Show & Call for Art

Bridging the Gap: Art that Brings us Together


Call for Art Opens January 15, 2019

All members of the community are invited to apply to the Phinney Center Gallery’s March 2019 show “Bridging the gap—art that brings us together.”

The theme is open to interpretation by each artist’s individual vision and creativity, but we are thinking of pieces that illustrate how art can close the gap – economic, cultural, social, political, geographical or otherwise – between people and help us be more compassionate, informed and observant.

Jurors from the local community will select art to be displayed in the Phinney Center Gallery from March 6-April 5, with the opening reception on Friday, March 8 during the PhinneyWood ArtWalk.

We anticipate showing work from 20-30 artists. The submission process will be open January 15 through February 1. with a link from this page. Artists will be notified by February 11.

There is a $20 fee per piece to submit your work and a limit of 3 pieces per artist. If the fee presents a hardship, please email Polly Freeman  [email protected] directly.

Selling your work

Our goal is to create an open and accessible space for all in our community to celebrate art. We promote our shows and encourage sales. The Phinney Center Gallery retains a 30% commission on works sold and collects all sales tax. Selling price of artwork may not exceed $1,000; please consider the community nature of our gallery when setting your prices.


Submitted works must not have been shown previously in the Phinney Center Gallery. Pieces may not be larger than 3’6” wide and/or 6’ tall and must weigh less than 15 pounds. Given the constraints of our gallery, we can only accept 2D media. While the PNA appreciates all forms of artistic expression, as a public space that caters to kids of all ages, we are unable to display any artworks depicting frontal nudity.

Please direct any questions to Polly Freeman at [email protected]


Recent show

PNA Member, Volunteer, and Staff Show


This show featured  the talents within our own PNA community, comprised of 34 jury-selected works by 28 artists.

Featured Artists:
Janelle Abbott
Nancy Angello
Glen Beebe
Elsie Nelson Brown
Marty Chakoian
David Chui
Jennifer Covington
Marie Dohrs
Felix Doll
Kathi J. Erickson
Julie Gangler
Lee Harper
Avery Isaacson
S. R. Lane
James McFarlane
Susan Morris
Sandy Nelson
Diane Novak
Nan Silverstein
Sandra F. Simpson
Deborah Slivinsky
John Stewart
Jim Stoltzfus
Marcie Swift
Lon Walton
Marion White
Kristen Wickersham
Roger Willsie


People’s Choice Vote Winner:
Old Salty by S.R. Lane

Digital photograph, 16×20

Artist statement: “Photography is my paintbrush. If I could paint or draw I would be busy creating non-stop. However, I presently lack the skills or patience to sit down and draw proper stick figures or a bowl of fruit. For now photography is my passion and medium. In the future who knows. I enjoy finding the unique images in day to day life. Typically I capture an image when I’m out on one of my daily walks. Always looking around, searching for that image that calls to me, grabs hold of my attention and won’t let go.”

You can buy prints of S.R. Lane’s work, including Old Salty on Etsy and view more of her work on Instagram.



Ruins #2 . James McFarlane

Acceptance . Glen Beebe

Dog II . Kristen Wickersham

Egg Beaters . Deborah Slivinsky

Meet the Jury

Huge thanks to our amazing volunteer jury for spending many thoughtful hours curating our show!

Dann Kam

Twelve years ago, after retiring from a 42 year career that initially focused on accounting and grew into many diverse and wonderful opportunities, Dan moved back to Seattle from the Eastside.  He lived in this area several times as a child and always enjoyed the zoo.  His childhood was rife with challenges and art brought him relief and focus.  At seven he was constantly drawing and by ten the local butcher shop was providing him with paper that he turned into large murals that his mother displayed in the dining room.  He was the art director for his high school newspaper, completed art projects through his life and for many years designed and created holiday gifts for friends and family.  His grandfather was a wood artist and his mother was known for her oil paintings.  They provided Dan with an obsession for art that has no boundaries as long as it brings beauty and expression. Dan’s passions include his family, the environment, art and social justice.

Patrick Savedra

Patrick is a portrait/editorial photographer living in Seattle. Obtaining a commercial art degree from the Art Institute of Seattle was the first step developing his artistic style. Lighting, styling and subject matter are the focus of his art. Collaboration with other artists and working with interesting subjects are what drives his creativity. Patrick has been fortunate enough to contribute to local publications as well as showcase personal work. Having been part of the 619 Western Artist Building, he knows how important art is to a community and it’s ability to bring people together.

Paul McKee

Paul was born in Tacoma, grew up in Mountlake Terrace, and attended Linfield College and The Evergreen State College. His education focused on painting and sculpture with a dash of programming for computer graphics.  He taught computer programming at SSCC. This led to work illustrating and animating software tutorials for Microsoft. In 1997 Paul became a full-time artist. He had a studio in a converted Ballard farmhouse until 2014. Paul now works in a studio in his backyard in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. It’s a place where he can reflect on and respond to his urban expeditions.


Previous Gallery Shows


The Phinney Center Gallery and arts program is funded in part by 4Culture.